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I have a small clip made from my HD camera put into imovie, I edited it and put it into a quicktime file. I need to email this movie to someone. They will only accept it as 10mb or smaller. My file is 12 mb. I need to learn how to do this, pleae help..

Thank you in advance for your response

Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    Which codec did you use in QuickTime?
    Possibly the default one which is H.264.
    Try again exporting to QuickTime but this time choose MPEG4 compression.
    That will give you a smaller file size.
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    Thank you we will try that...
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    if you Share -> Export movie, you have 5 options, of increasing sizes and thus quality. If you move your pointer (cursor) over the "i" at the right of each option it will tell you the size of the file it will export into. pick the one just under 10 MB.
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    I dare to say, the old mp4 does not give smaller files than the superior h264 .. but anyhow:

    Plan A)
    instead of mailing 10 tons of data, why not making use of YouTube? upload there, make the video 'private', mail given URL (<1kB of data), no probs with codecs etc ....

    Plan B)
    share/Export with Quicktime .. Options: reduce res, e.g. to 480x320, reduce framerate, e.g. to 15fps, reduce 'quality'/higher compression ..
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    Karsten Schlüter wrote:
    I dare to say, the old mp4 does not give smaller files than the superior h264 .. but anyhow:

    I beg to differ.
    A 16m10s 1280x720 HD video imported into iMovie then exported again returns the following file sizes:

    1. Share > Media Browser > HD 1280 x 720 H.264 25fps
    File size: 1.1GB

    2. Same project: Share > QuickTime > H.264 (Best quality)
    File size: 3.53GB

    3. Same project: Share > QuickTime > MPEG-4 (Best quality)
    File size: 818.4MB.

    Huge difference in file sizes.
    When viewed on YouTube or burned onto a DVD, I really don't see any appreciable quality differences in the 3.

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    zyfert wrote:
    .. I beg to differ.

    excuse my impudence, but - German saying: - you +compare apples with pears+ ..

    • the 'share/Mediabrowser' command creates within the project.rcproject-package a h264.mov with 9-10Mbit/sec (=the Project.file-size is NOT the exported .mov size...)
    • a 'share/QT/h264' command would allow a manual setting of bit-rate.. 'automatic' uses a much higher value, ~ 13Mbit/s => so, no wonder, this way creates bigger file..
    • a 'share/QT/mpeg4' command creates all kind of sizes, using the _same bit-rates_ as the files mentioned above (9/13Mbit) creates - surprise! - _same file-size_.

    now, judging these three files on my Mac does show notable differences .. IF the original video had a high quality (e.g. AVCHD/1080i/>17Mbit/s, or AVCHD/720p/>10Mbit), or less compressed stills, I do notice in my mpeg4 artifacts, esp. in 'plain' colored/non structured areas .. plus the 'contrast on borders' (still don't know the correct english term for Kantenschärfe .. ) is for h264 higher.. more annoying: h264 looks less saturated here ..

    so, as long as we don't know your settings, esp. the bit-rates in use, the file-sizes have no validity.

    but it gets worse... :
    you compare picture-quality _after an additional process_ of re-sizing, re-compressing and re-converting (=YT uses its own codecs/-settings, a DVD is 720x560 + mp2 .. ) - that is, not meant as a personal offense!, ... mostly useless. .. like, judging pic quality of a 12 Mpixel digital-still in a print or after upload to flickr etc..... .

    • bit-rate defines quality AND size - the higher, the better and bigger
    • newer codecs usually are 'better', in terms of size/quality-ratio, are more 'effective' ..
    • if you found YOUR compromise of speed-of-process, file-size and quality - use it! .. don't listen to me ..

    but mpeg4 are bigger or worse, compared correctly with h264 (aside colors/saturation/That nasty Gamma-problem, described on my site ...
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    WOW!!!!! You guys are so AWESOME!! Thank you so much for all the responses. I just love my MAC and the forum group.

    Thanks guys
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    Again, you guys are the best!!

    Thank you
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    Just how good are we?