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I just got a new Airport Express n to replace an Airport Express g because the iTunes streaming kept failing. I have 2 networks: 1) a g network from a Zyxel ADSL modem that I used for the old AE g and mobile phones and 2) an n-only network (2.4 gHz) from a Time Capsule that is connected by ethernet to the Zyxel.

I have been unable to get the new AE n to connect to the n-only network with the airport utility. If I change the Time Capsule to b/g compatible then the *brand new* (bought at Apple store last week) AE n will connect and things work. But since the Time capsule is an older model, b/g compatibility means that every connected device gets kicked down to a b/g network.

I have turned off all security/MAC address filter etc on the Time Capsule....

Any suggestions? I'm using Airport Utility 5.4.2 and AE n firmware 7.4.3.


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