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I just got a new Airport Express n to replace an Airport Express g because the iTunes streaming kept failing. I have 2 networks: 1) a g network from a Zyxel ADSL modem that I used for the old AE g and mobile phones and 2) an n-only network (2.4 gHz) from a Time Capsule that is connected by ethernet to the Zyxel.

I have been unable to get the new AE n to connect to the n-only network with the airport utility. If I change the Time Capsule to b/g compatible then the *brand new* (bought at Apple store last week) AE n will connect and things work. But since the Time capsule is an older model, b/g compatibility means that every connected device gets kicked down to a b/g network.

I have turned off all security/MAC address filter etc on the Time Capsule....

Any suggestions? I'm using Airport Utility 5.4.2 and AE n firmware 7.4.3.


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  • WBW Level 4 Level 4
    Did you check the "Allow this network to be extended" box?
    May be take a look at the steps here:
  • Sam VanDerlip Level 1 Level 1
    Well, I have - and it still didn't work. But I don't want to extend the network. I just want it to join. All I'm getting is the flashing yellow light. If I set the Time Capsule to b/g compatible, it joins the network and I have a green light - but if I then go back and change the Time Capsule to n only, it starts flashing yellow. Is the Airport Express actually n-compatible? I bought it at the Apple Store on 5th Avenue and it said 802.11n on the box...
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    I ran a quick test to verify that when you set the Time Capsule to "n" only, the Security setting will change to WPA2 Personal.

    Open AirPort Utility, click Manual Setup to verify that this has occurred on your Time Capsule.

    Then, click Manual Setup for the AirPort Express and then click the Wireless tab below the icons to get to the settings page.

    Wireless Mode....Join a wireless network
    Wireless Network Name....name of your wireless network
    Check mark if you want to allow ethernet clients
    Wireless Security....WPA2 Personal
    Wireless Password....your password

    Click Update and the AirPort Express should "join" your Time Capsule "n only" network.