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Much thanks to John Anderson at AndersonHatch.com for his excellent
walkthrough for installing Windows 7 x64 in Boot Camp.

Since his post there has been an update to ImgBurn which adds a few
screens and dialogues whose proper navigation may not be obvious. He
also left out a few choices that SHOULD be obvious but you know how
THAT goes.

Here then, cribbing liberally (plagiarizing, actually) from John's
walkthrough, but including some "for idiots" footnotes (which are
more for my own benefit than yours), is the most current (as of March,
2010) walkthrough, which presumes you have a DVD of Win7 (if you
downloaded an iso file from somewhere I'm sure the instructions are
similar but I'm not exactly sure how. Perhaps someone can add a
comment with this variation?)


1: Download and install ImgBurn.exe from the cloud.

2: Insert your Windows 7 Install DVD, preferably into your
---DVD-ROM drive but if possible into an orifice of whomever is
---responsible for ordinary shmoes like you and me having to spend an
---entire day Googling this problem and then following a simple
---27-step procedure to do the most basic thing you can do on a computer
---which is to install an OS. This is before we can even use the computer
---to do anything useful which at this point is a dubious prospect. But I

3: Extract your boot image as follows:

---a. Using ImgBurn, go to "Build" mode. All fields should be blank at
-----this point.
---b. Select the "Advanced" tab.
---c. Select the "Bootable Disc" tab
---d. In the dropdown under "Extract boot Image" select your DVD drive
-----and then click on the the little disk icon to the right of the
-----dropdown. A "Save As" window opens. Choose a location on your hard
-----drive to save to and keep the filename "BootImage" and click "Save."
-----This operation only takes a few seconds. ImgBurn presents a dialogue
-----box upon success.
---e. When it asks if you would you like to use the boot image file in
-----your current project say "Yes."

4: Add your disk to your new disc image

---a. On the left side of the ImgBurn window in the "Source" panel
-----click the little folder icon (second down from the plus sign)
-----and browse to select your Windows 7 Install DVD (Just select
-----the entire drive, no files or folders inside it). Hit OK.
---b. Select the "Options" tab on the right. Data Type: MODE1/2048.
-----File System: ISO9660. UDF Revision 1.02.
---c. Only the "Recursive Subdirectories" checkbox should be checked.
---d. Select the "Advanced" tab again.
---e. Select the "Restrictions" tab
---f. Select “Level X – 219 Characters”
---g. Select "Standard" character set.
---h. Select only the following checkboxes:

-----Allow More Than 8 Directory Levels
-----Allow More Than 255 Characters In Path
-----Allow Files Without Extensions
-----Don't Add ';1: Version Number To Tiles

---i. Select the “Bootable Disc” tab again. Make sure “Make image
-----bootable” is checked.

---j. Select "Emulation Type: None (Custom)" in dropdown.

---k. The "Boot Image" (which should already be filled in if you said
-----"Yes" in 3e) should be a path to the file "BootImage.ima." If not,
-----select the BootImage.ima file you created in Step 3.

---l. Load Segment: 07C0

---m. Sectors to Load: 8

5: Build your new iso.

---a. Under "Extract Boot Image" select your DVD-ROM drive again.
---b. Enter a name for your new iso on the left under "Destination."
-----Use the folder icon to the right of the dropdown, or enter a
-----filename manually. You can call it anything. I called mine "New7."
-----Make sure you are saving it to your hard drive, not back to the
-----DVD-ROM drive.
---c. The "Source" field in the upper left should be blank but the
-----directory is "D/:' I know this is confusing but trust me.
---d. Click the big folder pointing at a disc document icon at the
-----bottom left to create your new image! This operation may take
-----a few more minutes of your precious life. Oh well, there's plenty
-----where those came from...
---e. Here is where ImgBurn gets way too helpful. Decline its offer to
-----change the setting from "UDF" to ISO9660 + UDF." Just say "No."
---f. Laugh at the politically correct dialogue for "Confirm Volume
-----Label" and click "Yes" or just wait 30 seconds for the
-----programming gremlin to do it for you.
---g. Click "OK" for the useless (to non-propellerheads) "File,
-----Content, and Data" info dialogue box (but thank you ImgBurn!)

6: Burn your new iso.

---a. Go to burn mode, baby.
---b. Select the iso file you created in 5b.
---c. Remove your Windows 7 Install DVD and insert a blank DVD,
-----preferably into your DVD-ROM drive but...
---d. Select your destination blank DVD and click the "Burn" button.

If you have ADHD like me you can skip the "Verify" cycle (the disk is
probably fine) and use it to install Windows 7 x64 on your Mac and
return to your regularly scheduled life.


iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.2)