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I'm new to this site, and it's sincerely making me angry.

I got an ipod touch NG december 2008. It ran fine, but it seems as soon as my warranty ran out, the headphone jack decided to mess up. Now, I only get audio out of my right headphone, and not the left. It is not to do with the headphones, as I've tried multiple pairs. So, now I read that I have to pay 99 dollars for a repair fee? Is this how it is? Or are there any loopholes around that ridiculous fee considering I paid three hundred dollars for something I expected to actually work.

Has anyone else had this problem? How'd you fix it?

I'm sincerely annoyed with apple, and very much considering changing MP3 forms. Because, my family have all owned a certain IPOD product, and they've all had problems.

Someone, please reply.

IPOD touch., Windows Vista