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I tried to update my ipod touch software earlier today. This failed and my ipod immediately went into recovery mode with the "Connect to itunes" picture. Since then i have tried to restore it at least 15 times and everytime i get the same error message after a few minutes. Failed to restore (unknown error code 1603). I have tried using a different computer (which does have recent itunes software), i've tried using different USB ports, restarting itunes, restarting my computer and pretty much every single thing on the support website...and nothing.

Help please!

Dell Inspiron 15, Windows 7
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    Doublechecking, Sophie. Has your troubleshooting to date included working through the following troubleshooting document?

    [Update and restore alert messages on iPhone and iPod touch|http://support.apple.com/kb/TS1275]
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    Hi, i had used those points yes and they hadn't worked. However, since then i attached my ipod to a laptop that didn't contain itunes and that seems to have done the trick! Just downloaded the newest itunes and software on that computer and it reset and restored everything.

    Thanks for the help anyway. Very glad it's all sorted now
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    Excellent news, Sophie. Glad you got things working again.