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I have iPod1 for boy1, iPod2 for boy2 and an iPhone for myself.

I use one iTunes Windows installation to sync music.

Now ... boy1 managed to change a lot of my music ratings. Upon next connect, my iTunes ratings were changed as well. Later on of course, sync with boy2's iPod as well as my iPhone took place. Result ... all ratings were changed.

How can I disable this undesired behavior and avoid that local changes on iPod are copied to iTunes?


iPod 1.0.3 PC, Windows XP
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    I think the easiest way for you to avoid changes affecting a different iPod is to create a separate iTunes library for each iPod.

    Here's how to do it

    First though I would make a new folder in the music/iTunes folder with a memorable name for that iPod, so that its easier to locate the correct iTunes library for that particular iPod. Do this for all the iPods you are wanting to use. For example, you could call one folder iPod boy 1 (for the iPod that boy 1 uses) and so on for the other iPods.

    To create a new library:

    1: Double click on the iTunes icon and straight away after doing this hold down the SHIFT key.

    2: You should now see a little window appear, click on create library and choose the location where you are wanting it saved to, its advisable to save it in the folder with the memorable name for that particular iPod. You will now have created a totally separate library for that iPod. Repeat this process for the rest of the iPod you are wanting to use.


    3: When you are wanting to connect you chosen iPod to iTunes and access the library that, that one uses. You need to load up iTunes again and hold the SHIFT key, but this time you need to click on choose library and locate the library file from the folder you created earlier with the memorable name. The library file will have .itl on the end of its name. Once you have chosen this you will see all the songs for that particular iPod/library.

    I use multiple iPods and iPhones on my computer, and I use the methods I have described above and I have no problems whatsoever with keeping the correct/desired music on all the different iPods, iPhones.
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    I suggest you create a new computer login for each person.
    iTunes will contain only their own music and ratings and such.,