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I have a problem that started overnight! My iTunes, v 9.03 was working excellently, then my problem occured.
I can start iTunes immediately after booting my computer, but, once iTunes has been opened & then closed it will not restart. I am using Win XP Pro & if I do a altcntldel & look at the running processes iTunes.exe shows in the window, but will not open. To open iTunes I have to do a reboot.
I have uninstalled all components as per the instuctions on Apples site & reinstalled, twice, all to no avail. Nothing shows in the Event viewer either.
Very frustating especially as it was running perfectly.
Any help greatfully received

Windows XP Pro
  • polydorus Level 6 Level 6 (11,950 points)
    It looks as though something is blocking iTunes, preventing it from closing.

    In the past, bonjour as been responsible for this although I haven't seen it recently. You could try stopping the bonjour service to see if that allows iTunes to close.

    Otherwise on general principles, Do you have any plugins or widgets that use iTunes. If you run diagnostics from the iTunes help menu it should list any plug ins. iTunes has a safe mode that allows you to start without plug ins. Hold down ctrl and shift while starting iTunes.

    If you disconnect from the internet, you can see if disabling your firewall and virus checking fixes it - that would suggest a configuration issue in your security software.

    Then you could try a selective start up using MSConfig to see if you can identify any conflicts:

    As a temporary work around, have you try closing iTunes.exe in the task manager to allow you to restart iTunes without rebooting. I guess this could result in the library not being saved, but I am not sure.

    PS I should have added- have you installed any new software or made any other changes to your system between when iTunes last worked properly and when the problem started.

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    iTunes has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

    I get this Windows message when I start iTunes. The first time this message popped up, there was a message saying the Bonjour Service is not started. When I checked the Services directory, it says the Bonjour Service is running. I repaired both the Bonjour service and Itunes using the remove/install programs tool and I still get the error. I cannot find anything in the iTunes troubleshooting guide. Has anyone encountered this and know how to fix it?
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    My post was directed at the original poster, your problem is different and the steps I listed are not appropriate for your problem.

    Could you start your own thread, it gets confusing trying to deal with two different problems on the same thread.
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    Hi Polydorus, thanks for the assisitance. Disabling the Bonjour service fixed the problem, but, I have since found the actual cause. The AVG update that came in on that day was the actual culprit. It also caused problems with IE8 & Firefox. I have just uninstalled AVG & everything is working as it should.

    Once again thank you. Keep up the good work