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I can scroll up/down and left/right in my library, and almost anything else BUT I cannot scroll left/right in the iTunes Store, only up/down... which is preventing me from buying music and frankly it is quite annoying. Normally there is a bar to click and drag on the right edge (up/down) and on the bottom (left/right), but there is only a bar on the right edge to scroll up/down. There is no scroll bar on the bottom to drag left/right. This problem is only while i am on the iTunes Store. It doesn't happen in my library or anything else. I have tried uninstalling iTunes and then re-installing it from apple's website, but the problem persists...any suggestions??

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    Please report this to Apple so it will get fixed!

    See this other thread:

    itunes menu > help > provide itunes feedback
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    I found a little trick that might help you a little. Go to what ever album you're looking for and look under the 'listeners also bought column', if you can see the words 'sort by', click on that and the screen should shift to the right. At least I could see the buy button for buying individual songs and I could read peoples comments. Can't figure out what to do in the main pages but if you know what you want then hopefully this can help you. This is a itunes store problem and I complained already, but you and everyone reading this should also, so they would hurry up and fix this. Aloha.
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    By the way, I didn't notice the name earlier, cool. Metal huh? After I found that trick, I ended up finding out about 'Dirge Within' and 'Arkaea'. Bought their albums last night. If you're a death metal kind of guy then maybe you wouldn't be interested. I'm more into the melodic stuff myself (In Flames is what I've been into until their recent albums) with that industrial chug (Threat Signal, Mnemic lately). Grew up on Metallica and Pantera myself, after being converted to rock by the church of Van Halen in the late 70's. Forty + and still rockin'. Peace out.
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    haha very nice. i really have a broad taste in metal...everything from classic metal (megadeth, metallica) to that pantera kind of sound to melodic (in flames) to death metal (dethklok, amon amarth) and even grindcore/hardcore (sleeping giant, impending doom)
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    I'm having the same problem too. It's starting to aggravate me to no end so if you figure out a way to fix please post it on here 'cause I could use the help too.
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    Had same problem. COULD scroll up and down. COULD NOT scroll to the right. To remedy, if you want to go to the iTunes Store.....after you open iTunes, DOUBLE CLICK the iTunes Store icon listed in the left menu. If I click only once, I have the scroll problem when the Store window opens. If I double click it, everything seems fine when the Store window opens. I was REALLY having problems with my audiobooks. Hope this helps.