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I've seen some posts on this but no answer just ideas.

My story...I'll try to keep it short but give all details

People call my iPhone and get a busy signal, it doesn't go to VoiceMail, just a straight busy signal.

I've talked to AT&T and yes, they did the whole test where they call my phone when they're on the other line with me and call waiting is turned on.

It will happen atleast 3 or 4 days a week, not all day, only random times. If you call again immediately or later, you may get busy signal or you may get through, it's completely random.

It's landlines and cell phone, verizon and sprint and at&t, found that out by going to an AT&T store and they used their VERIZON landline, which I found ironic.

It happens when I'm WiFi or 3G.

It happens when I'm using phone and when I'm not using phone, at all!

Yes, at one point my phone was jailbroke, but it is no longer jailbroke and still doing it.

I would like to find out ASAP because I am a freelancer and most of the people this effects are my clients and I can't have this happening anymore, especially since I have deadlines to meet and communication is essential for me! I don't like this because I switched from Verizon to AT&T for iPhone and have never had any problems with Verizon and LOVED their coverage and miss it greatly!

Any ideas? Any suggestions? Any solutions?

iPhone 3GS, iPhone OS 3.1.3
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    Nothing? no help?! haha
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    Have you tried a new SIM card?
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    No I have not.
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    new sim, reset network settings, call att and push for tech support and have them troubleshoot and if still having problems IMPORT your photos, transfer purchases, sync contacts, calendars and notes, then restore as NEW. (only will lose texts and recent calls)
    -if still having a problem get to the apple store and give them the info that you did and they will replace the phone
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    Well, I was in the apple store yesterday buying a 27 in iMac with Quad Core i7 and 8gb Ram upgrade (sorry had to put that in there ) and they did a check up on my phone and nothing was wrong with the hardware, which meant it was network, so I went to AT&T with the info the apple store gave me and they replaced sim card so we'll see if that works. No way to tell immediately but see what happens.

    Appreciate help and I'll keep everyone updated, if you care haha.