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hii.. i'm using an 2007 alumunium imac running on snow leopard..recently my os crash after i restart the computer it freeze on the white screen so i restart again this time with the help of the installation cd i manage to login but after that it freeze again...i restart again without the installation cd and i manage to reach into the login window but the login box didn't come out so i try to repair the disk permision using the cd and it show me that the disk is error so i restart again while pressing the option button and it didn't read my hard drive...i tried restarting a couple times until it read the hard drive but only the windows partition not the macintosh..so i use the disk utillity from the cd and my macintosh hd is there but not mounted so i erase the partition and tried to install snow leopard but half way it stop and showed me there an error...i tried to install tiger the outcome also the same...what should i do to install the os and can i recover the lost file from the erase partition?? cause i don't have back up...oh..the windows partition is fine it still running windows...is the partition broken???
thank you and sorry if my explanation is confusing...

imac alumunium mid 2007, Mac OS X (10.6.2)
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    If you've already erased the partition, you cannot get your data back. That is a sad fact of life, especially since you've already tried writing data to the drive.

    Insert your Snow Leopard install disc. Start up from the disc. When it gets to the install prompt, click on Utilities in the menu bar and select Disk Utility. Select Macintosh HD. Press Repair Disk. Wait for that to finish

    Go to the erase tab. With Macintosh HD still selected, choose the option Mac OS Extended (Journaled) from the pop-up menu. Name the partition Macintosh HD if it isn't already, and click Erase. Wait for that to finish.

    Then install Snow Leopard to Macintosh HD.
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    i've already tried that and it always stop half way sometime nearly finished saying that there's an error....is it possible the hard drive is broken???
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    It might help if you posted the error.

    Did you perform the repair disk and erase?

    To figure out if it's a hardware issue, run the Apple Hardware Test. Also try booting from your Bootcamp partition.
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    Start making more use of backups and keep a working boot copy on another hard drive for one thing.

    Then boot from there, or even a small "eDrive" type partition that is used only for disk repairs and maintenance.

    I've killed a drive by mishandling, crashes, etc where I couldn't revive or reformat it.

    Consider the drive's file system fragile and that they don't respond to repeated failed attempts to boot.

    If you can, invest in a couple utilities and disk drives to prevent and avoid any "next time."
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    i tried apple hardware test and this error came out
    what does this mean????
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    I believe your hard drive is in a great deal of trouble:

    If you have a PC, download the drive manufactures' diagnostic tools and run them on the drive (you
    will have to remove the drive and connect it to the PC.