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a few days ago I dropped my ipod on the floor. It still works, but when I try to synchronize it with my PC (Vista) it says that the ipod is damaged, and that I should try either reconnecting or restore it. I've done the first thing 1000 times, doesn't work. I then restored my ipod, so all my movies and music were deleted from it, but it keeps saying that my ipod is damaged when I try to synchronize it!

I've tried everything, also the 5 R's, but nothing works.

Can anyone help me?

Windows Vista, nvt
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    This has happened to mine too, but I didn't drop it! It started to freeze most times it was connected to the computer so had to be reset in order to sync. And now the corrupted message keeps appearing and when the iPod is disconnected, it restores itself. It's also restoring itself when any of the games are selected and makes an odd noise, AND it says there is no free space. My iPod is only just over a year old!
    Help please?
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    Hmm what you said about the free space thing, I checked it and on my ipod it also says 0 kb used and 0 kb free! Could my hard disk be broken maybe?
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    You have to format your iPod to solve the problem, but not a quick format ..
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    Hmm I double clicked on my ipod as an external hard disk (my computer -> ipod (pad f)), and the first time it said it had to be formatted, so I clicked start and it started formatting, but it didn't work because my ipod disconnected automatically...

    Now I've tried it again but it said "the semaphore timeout period has expired".
    I have no idea what to do? Also when my ipod is connected to my PC it takes at least 10 minutes to load when I click on 'my computer'....
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    See if you can find a Mac computer ..

    1. Open the disk utility, hope your iPod appears there (left hand side), highlight it
    2. Go to Tab “Partition”, click either “Delete” or “Partition”, if fails, skip this step and go to 3
    3. Go to Tab “Erase” , choose Volume Format as “MAC OS Extended (Journaled), and click Erase, again if fails, skip it and go to 4
    4. Same as step 3, but open the “Security Options....” and choose “Zero Out Data” before click Erase. It will take 1 to 2 hours to complete.
    5. Eject your iPod and do a Reset
    6. Open the iTunes and click “Restore”