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I need help. My Iphone is stuck on the USB Plug-->Itunes icon, i can turn it off, but when i turn it back on it shows the apple logo, and then goes straight to the plug in to iTunes icon. This happened after i set to install the newest updated software for my iPhone, i left my computer for a few hours, figuring iTunes would automatically download and install it properly, and i come back and its stuck at the above^^.
I tried DFU mode and it doesn't seem to do anything, and i have the latest version of iTunes.

Any help appreciated!

Sager laptop PC, iPhone OS 3.0
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    Please note: DFU mode is different than recovery mode. DFU is an even deep-level boot mode, no OS or any visual thing is loaded, so your device's screen will be black. It's not easy to guess whether it is in DFU mode or is it turned off. But don't worry. Just follow the steps I provided below and iTunes would do the rest

    To enter DFU mode:
    1) Connect your iPhone to your computer.
    2) Turn iPhone off.
    3) Hold power and home together for 10 seconds (exactly).
    4) Release power but keep holding home until iTunes detect your iPhone
    5) Once iTunes detected your phone, it will display the following alert:
    "iTunes has detected a phone in recovery or DFU mode and it needs to be restored."
    6) Now, just click OK and restore your phone.

    PS. I'm not sure why did your phone get into Recovery Mode (the "Connect to iTunes" warning) but DFU should help.
    PSS. don't leave your phone alone while you are upgrading the firmware. Just to make sure everyting is all right
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    I just had that issue and posted on here. I got a solution from here and from another forum. This is what worked for me: Restore the iPhone on a different computer that is either a Mac, or Windows XP. For some reason the drivers on Vista and 7 are screwing up. This completely worked for me. I restored on an XP computer, then connected the iPhone to the original computer and it asked if I want to set up as new phone or restore from previous backup. I restored from previous and it works perfect now!!!

    I hope that works for you!
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    I wish I had this advice before I went to the apple store. They told me the phone was dead and could not be fixed. It did not get damaged or wet or anything, just one day it would not sync and after several restore attempts I went to the apple store. I had to shell out more money to buy another phone which put me in a different price plan with ATT that cost more per month. I went to the apple store and they had nothing to say. A real bummer.
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    My problem is also similar one.
    I have problems in syncing and battery went off. I had installed few apps directly by double clicking from saved folder(apps were already downloaded, i also installed 2 battery monitoring apps)

    While connected to itunes, it would suddenly show connection lost and reconnect again after every few minutes. I thought the problem was with laptop or itunes so i tried charging from electricity connection but didnt work. I found the iphone was heated and also saw some black spots(as if fused) on the USB charger connection port.

    i tried entering DFU mode but that dont work either since the battery is zero. It shows connect to charge battery alert and goes blank.

    Is the battery gone dead or ther eis other software issue?
    Pls help!!!!!
    Many thanks for your time.