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I can sync my iPod Touch OK and during the sync, it seems to back-up OK. After reinstalling iTunes, there was one album with all its tracks missing, which always gave an error when synchronising. I deleted this album from iTunes and it no longer gives an error (I'll copy it from CD when I get time, so haven't lost anything).

However, when iTunes tries to back-up the iPod Touch before updating the OS to the latest version (which I paid for and downloaded yesterday), it fails to back-up the iPod Touch, giving error 5000. I have the option to continue and lose everything on my iPod Touch, or cancel. I decided to cancel.

I tried "ejecting" the iPod Touch and trying again. I also tried rebooting my WinXP PC. Neither of these helps.

Apart from my music (which is stored on a network drive and easily backed up), there's not much else on my iPod Touch that's important, but I don't like the idea of starting an OS upgrade when the iPod Touch obviously isn't working properly.

I suppose I could reset the iPod Touch to its factory settings (I don't know how to do this, but I'm sure there are plenty of articles on the web telling me how to do it), but wondered if anybody has any other suggestions.

From what I can tell, the -5000 error doesn't refer to anything specific.

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