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Good Morning..

Firstly, let me say I'm now super confused about the subject! So I apologize if the question appears mundane...

I've built a website using iWeb (Version 2.0.4) Really like its intuitiveness and flexibility however.... I am trying to enlarge (as opposed to overlay) an image on the same page. For example, I have 4 thumbnail size photos. I want to be able to click on one of them and it will enlarge to whatever size I want it to be (700 x 400) THe thumbnail is on the top right of the screen, the enlarged image would be in the middle.

I have read ALOT on this (including a few threads here). And perhaps its me not being terribly good with code (ie: have just started) but I can't make it work.

I understand there are two ways of doing it (external URL link and coding) and that it is better to use a larger image and shrink it rather than the other way around but the mechanics of the enlarging (or shrinking) is beyond me.

My question is this: is this even possible in iWeb? I've seen alot of "overlay" type images but only a few enlarged shots. Anyone have any ideas?

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