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Hi there. I decided to upgrade my Powerbook G4 laptop to Mac OS X V10.5. After I'd installed the OS I did a software update, which brought back up loads of updates. I ran these and then tried to close down the computer. This prompted the message 'Install Updates and Restart' (or something like that). It was taking ages to shut down, so I did a force quit and then closed down my Mac. Surprise, surprise when I restarted it today the computer locked up at the point where the time and date should appear in the menu bar. I then get the spinning beach ball of death. Any suggestions about how I can resolve this would be greatlyt appreciated. I'm trying to figure out how to re-install from the installer discs, but I cant figure out which key you press to get the computer to start up from the disc? Richard

Powerbook G4, Mac OS X (10.5)
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    To boot from the install disk, insert, and reboot holding the C key down.

    As a suggestion, as soon as you complete the installation, don't run software update. Download the 10.5.8 combo update, repair permissions, install the combo update, repair permissions again, then run software update. Sometimes, Software Update doesn't complete all updates correctly, and odd things can happen. The combo update has all prior updates for 10.5 through 10.5.8. It's located at http://support.apple.com/kb/DL866
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    Hi BGreg,

    I tried the C key and re-installed Mac OS x 10.5 from the installer disc. I didn't run software update. When I restarted my PowerBook, it got stuck at the same point i.e there is a blank space in the top menu bar where the day and time should be displayed. I then spotted that the spotlight icon had a glowing dot in the middle. I clicked on it and it said something like 'spotlight is indexing the computer'. I left it alone but after a while the computer went into sleep mode and when I re-woke it, it was still at the same point and there was no audible hard drive noise. I'm not quite sure what to do next? Maybe I should try and re-install the original Mac OS 10.1 that came with the laptop. What do you think?
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    Depending on what's on the system, the spotlight indexing can take awhile, even hours. You might click on system preferences, and in energy saver, set the 'put the computer to sleep' to never, even if you have your screen go dark after a period of time. So, as long as the lid is up, the system can run.
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    Thanks BGreg,

    Unfortunately I had to do a clean re-install. After that and running Software Update the Mac now works perfectly. Many thanks for your help. Richard