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Hey all,

Having a problem with a client's Pantech Impact phone. She has a microSD card that goes with it. We plug it in to try to put some songs on it and it will not allow any files to be dragged and dropped onto it.

In terminal it lists as readable/writeable/executable but when you cmd-i info it, it gives no permissions options. I logged in as Root with the same results.

it's currently formatted as FAT32, which should be fine (I initially thought it may be NTFS), but it says in the device profile that it's only readable.

I do not want to format the card in the computer because it appears to depend upon the current file structure to sort things and she's taken several pics that are now stored on the phone.

Why is only the phone allowed to write to this disk? Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

Aluminum Unibody Macbook, Mac OS X (10.6.2)