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I have been having issues with my iPhone to where I am not able to send out e-mails. I have two e-mail accounts set up on my phone. One e-mail provider is optonline.net and the other one is abcglobal.net. For optonline outgoing server, I am using cwmx.com to where I can send out e-mails. The port setting is 25. For sbcglobal.net, I am using the outgoing server smtp.att.yahoo.com with port setting 465.

I have had my iPhone since August and occasionally I would have issues on not being able to send out my e-mails. It would happen every so often but wasn't bad. Each time it happened, I would contact ATT and they would tell me that there isn't anything wrong with there service; for example, no towers were down.

April of last year, ATT finally brought the 3G network into my area.

Three weeks ago, I was having problems sending out my e-mails on both of my email accounts. When this started to happen, it would happen during a certain time from between 3 p.m. to about no later than 7 p.m. if I remember correctly. It would happen maybe for a day or a couple days. If it happened longer, I would be back on the phone with ATT. Each time I talk to ATT, they tell me everything is fine. The problem than started to be to where I wouldn't be able to send out e-mail the majority of the day. I would be able to send out early morning and/or late in the evening. After that, I got to a point to where I was not able to send at all. During this time frame, I was also having issues with my text messages not receiving to who I sent a message to let alone I was receiving theirs maybe until hours later or not at all. Also, I was having problems to where I would write an e-mail and it would send out to where no one was receiving any of my e-mails. My screen would also go dark on my to where I could not get it to come back on without doing a hard boot. Well, Apple replaced my phone with a replacement phone last week.

On my replacement phone, I am able to send out email okay on my sbcglobal.net e-mail account except maybe twice. On my optonline.net e-mail account, I maybe able to send out a few e-mails and the rest of the day I can't because there is something wrong with the cwmx.com server. When the email hangs, I will eventually receive an error message "cannont send mail the connection to outgoing server "cwmx.com" failed. sometimes when you click okay the e-mail will send out. Here lately when you click on okay, the e-mail won't send and this error box can keep popping up all day long. I called Apple and was on the phone with them for over 3 hours trying to help me with the situation. It turns out Apple says my phone is working fine that it is ATT server that is not responding. Apple finally said that ATT server is out. This morning Apple said that they found out that the Towers were down.

I called ATT last night and put a ticket in as they say they are not finding any problems with tower outages let alone server problems. They give me the impression they don't know or never heard of their cwmx.com server. Well, I get a call today from a representative and I was at work and couldn't talk to the lady. She said she would text me a phone number and call me back in two hours as I requested. She did not do either one. She said that they are not having or seeing any problems and wanted to troubleshoot my phone. My phone has been troubleshooted so many times. Well, she closed out my ticket number and here I am still having problems sending out on the cwmx.com server.

I called ATT back twice... talked to a jerk the first time and they are suppose to re-open the ticket that got closed today. I called back the second time and talked to someone nicer who made sure my situation is being or was sent to the correct people to resolve my issue. I am not awaiting to hear back from ATT.

ATT puts the blame on Apple. Apple puts the blame on ATT. And both of the companies puts the blame on the internet pop provider I have. My internet provider puts the blame back on ATT and/or Apple. It keeps going around and around in a big circle. I have spend many and many hours on the phone with my internet provider, ATT, and Apple.

Right now, I am receiving e-mails fine and sending out find on my sbcglobal.net e-mail account. On my optonline.net e-mail account I am receiving e-mails perfectly fine but every once in a while I can send out but 99% of the time, I am not able to send out on ATT's server cwmx.com.

Everyone says they don't support the iPhone. No one seems to admit at fault. My phone did pretty much work fine except here and there but now its a nightmare. I do at times am a heavy user on e-mails as I have no access to a regular computer during the day... some days are not as much as others. I do depend on my phone and being able to send out on e-mail is a problem I need to get resolved.

Does anyone use optonline.net that is having this issue or anyone using another pop account that uses cwmx.com server to be able to send out that is having problems with ATT cwmx.com server?

Everyone I speak to doesn't seem to have an issue as I am having. I do know that people may use gmail, yahoo, aol, or etc. instead of a pop account but I do not. I have tried gmail at one point of time and still had issues on sending out email if I remember correctly too.

Any help and advice would be very much appreciated.

It is a 3GS iPhone I am using and I keep the software current and up to date.

Thanks so much in advance.
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    Many outgoing mail (SMPT) servers don't function properly when accessed by cell networks. You can avoid this problem by using the AT&T SMTP server for any mail account:

    Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > (your mail account) > SMTP > (Primary Server) > OFF, Other SMPT Servers > AT&T SMTP Server > ON
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    The ATT SMTP server is the cwmx.com server with port setting 25 and that is the same server which I have having problems with.
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    It sounds to me like you're losing data connectivity. I've never had any problems with the cwmx.com relay, nor using SMTP on Gmail.

    If you think the cwmx.com relay is at fault, then you can always get a Gmail account, set the account preferences to use your preferred email address and relay outbound mail that way. The mail will have the proper address in the envelope when Gmail rewrites it before sending it on its way.

    What I would suggest trying is seeing how good the connectivity is when you start having these problems. Can you visit web sites? Can you use apps that request data via the network?
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    Mac OS X
    Are you moving between WiFi and cellular data (3G, EDGE and GPRS)? cwmx.com will ONLY work on a cellular connection. It will not work over a WiFi connection. That is why you can set up multiple SMTP servers on the iPhone; the phone will try each of them in sequence. So you can have one for optonline that is their server, and also cwmx.com when not on WiFi.
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    I am always on a cellular connection. I do not use Wifi and never connected to Wifi on the phone. Optonline uses the cwmx.com server to send out which is what I am having issues with.
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    Apple replaced the phone as they thought I was having connectivity issues due to the problems I was having. After they did that, I was still having issues with the Optonline e-mail account but my other e-mail seemed to work fine except for a couple times.

    I guess I do not understand or don't know how to do what you mentioned on setting the account preference to use my preferred email address and relay outbound mail through Gmail.

    I can surf the web and etc. fine when I am having issues with the CWMX.com server.

    ATT Tech support checked out a phone like mine in a different city/state and set up my e-mail account and sent in and out e-mails 10 times and couldn't duplicate the problem I was having... and I was having the problems while speaking to them on the phone. Since it worked fine on their end, they said I should not have problems on my end to which I still was. They said to restore the phone back to factory settings which I did. I still had problems. The next morning, it worked fine... it worked fine Friday through Sunday. Yesterday morning, I had a couple problems sending but I did not really use the e-mail yesterday that much. I did send out three and it worked fine.

    I'm sure this will start happening again anytime. I'm thinking it is ATT CWMX.com server that isn't working and they do not want to admit to it. It seems like early morning and late in the evening it works but I do not know what happens during the daytime when it doesn't work. Something has to be the problem.
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    Mac OS X
    When you set up the cwmx.com SMTP server do you enter a user ID and password? If you do this is your problem; CWMX must not have an ID/Password. They must be left blank. Also, to be sure turn OFF WiFi and try it. cwmx.com has worked fine for me since the beginning of time (going back 5 years with my Treo).
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    No, I do not have a user name and password on the CWMX setting as I know it does not take one. I never have Wifi on. The port setting is 25.
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    Have you tried using Optonline's own SMTP server instead of the cwmx.com server?
    It should be mail.optonline.net for their SMTP server.
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    I can't use mail.optonline.net for outgoing server on iPhone which is why I need to use the CWMX.com for outgoing server. One reason for this is probably because I am outside of Optonline coverage area. The last several days I have not been having problem sending E-mails out except a couple times early in the morning on Monday.
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    Have you tried using Optonline's own SMTP server instead of the cwmx.com server?
    It should be mail.optonline.net for their SMTP server.

    Optonline.net blocks email traffic through their outgoing servers that does not originate from within their network, i.e. at home on wifi, or at another loction whose ISP is Optonline.
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    Have you tried deleting and re-adding the account? Take note of the incoming settings that work, and delete the account from the iPhone. Then re-add the account, then turn on the AT&T server without changing any settings for the server. IIRC, they have more than one port number set for sending email.
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    Yeah, I have done all that too.

    The second to last time I talked to AT&T, they said they did not have a device type in their computer system and they had to add that in their system. A couple days after they did that, I still had problems. One AT&T rep got an iPhone like mine and set up my e-mail account on that phone and tested it out 10 times by sending e-mail back and forth from phone to computer and etc. He said it worked perfectly fine without any issues. He said to restore phone back to factory settings and that he can tell nothing is wrong with their CWMX.com server as it worked fine for him when he tested out my e-mail account. After I spoke to the rep who did not have problems with the e-mail, I tried sending out e-mail and it would not work. That night, I restored phone back to factory setting as requested. That night after I did that, the e-mail still would not work. The next day, I still had issues. After that, I may have had issues maybe a couple times. Right now as far as I know it seems to be working okay but once I say that, I wonder if I will start having issues again? I wonder if not having my device type in their computer system would cause me all these problems and if so after updating it why did phone still have issues a couple/few days later? I'm sure it wouldn't take that long for it to take in their system if it was the cause.

    Since the rep tested out my e-mail account from the city/state where he was located and worked fine, and it didn't for me where I am located.... I am wondering if it has something to do with the area of the local towers?

    Nothing makes sense to me... and I have done everything that I possibly know and can. I just hope it continues to work and it stays that way and that I won't start having issues with it again.