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I am having a problem accessing the app store on my iPhone 3gs. I can connect to safari ok so my connection is ok. When I go to the app store it says cannot connect to app store and quits. I have tried syncing with my home computer but there is still no joy.

Anyone got any ideas or help?

Many thanks

Mac Pro, iPhone OS 3.1.3, 2 x 2.66 GHZ Dual CoreIntel Xeon.....5GB Ram.
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    Apple has just recently changed their terms of service for the itunes store, to connect you will have to agree to these new terms first. Can't say for certain this is your problem, but it may well be. So, log into itunes on your computer & see if you have any updates for apps or download any free app. This will generate the new terms for you to agree to. Once you do you'll get a message telling you to try your purchase again. Do so. Once complete, sync your phone. See if you can connect now. Remember, you must be connected to wifi or 3G to use the store on your phone.