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Hey guys,

This is my first post to this forum. This is a great place where I have learned a lot. Now i have a problem and hopefully its easy enough to solve.

So i use iMOVIE a LOT to make short recordings. I have a Canon Vixia HF200 camcorder. It is hd and the format is AVCHD. To transfer the files, i usually use imovie. If i need it for FCE, then i export it from imovie as an .xml. To import the movie to imovie, i plug the SD card into the slot and just hit import from camera. It loads all the video files and I can select the ones i want to download.
Yesterday, after taking video, i tried to do the same and i am getting no luck at all. I plugged in the SD card, went into iMOVIE and hit import from camera and i keeps loading up the isight camera instead of my SD card contents. It is really frustrating and it keep opening up isight and it hasnt done this before.

The following is what i did to troubleshoot:
1.) Ejected SD card, shutdown iMOVIE, restarted and then replugged and restarted - No luck
2.) Plugged in camera directly using the USB. Computer realizes camera but again when i hit import from camera it goes to the isight camera and it asks to "begin capture" - No luck
3.) So i deleted some of the contents on the card which were shot in MXP (a new format i tried) and still no luck...again opens the isight camera - No luck
4.) I restarted computer and tried the same - No luck
5.) Shutdown computer, unplugged it to reset the USB slots ..tried again and no luck.

Any way you guys can help? It is really weird that it just randomly stopped working. All settings in FCE were set to original though i dont see how that can affect this. I am shooting a short movie this weekend so will have a lot of videos i need to transfer. So..summing it in one word....HELP!!!


27 inch iMAC 3.06Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo, Mac OS X (10.6.2)
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    Hi Sahadeni - welcome to the forum!

    Sorry if this seems obvious - and you may, therefore, have already tried it.

    When you click on "Import from Camera" what is the camera box showing on the bottom left of the import window? You should see a selection in the drop down box between iSight and your camera - make sure your camera, or USB device/card reader is selected (ticked).

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    Thanks for the welcome. Looking forward to being more involved.

    When i check in import from camera, the camera box shows isight bult in camera at the bottom left. I tried to change this from the drop down but there is nothing else listed which is bizzare. I know the computer recognizes the SD card and the camcorder as they show up on the desktop but in import from camera i only have one option as of yesterday.
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    Aight...so here is the deal. Today morning, I tried recording from my same camcorder but with a different SD card and then upload to imovie and voila it worked like a charm. So maybe my card got corrupt somewhere down the line? But its weird that day before it worked and now i can only see contents from the Finder but not imovie.
    Anyways, I plan on copying contents off my old card, reformatting it within my camera and then try using it again to see if anything changes.
    Again, thanks for the help.
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    Well done Sahadeni. Thanks for letting us know how you solved it. The solution is often a simple one, thank goodness!