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Shinoda Level 1 Level 1
Anyone have any solution for reset password? I forgot it.
All my documents's in there.

VGN-Z610Y, Windows XP
  • Bob Timmons Level 10 Level 10
    Welcome to the discussions!

    There are two passwords on the Time Capsule

    1) Device password to access the setup and disk
    2) Wireless network password

    If you setup the Time Capsule on a Mac, you should be able to retrieve both passwords from KeyChain Access.

    Your post indicated that you are using a PC. If that is the case, your only option is to return the Time Capsule to factory defaults and reconfigure the device with new passwords. This will not affect the the stored data on the disk.

    Please post back to clarify on whether you setup the TC on a Mac and need assistance with password retrieval, or whether you need instructions on how to return the TC to factory defaults.
  • Shinoda Level 1 Level 1
    Sorry man.
    I forgot my disk password. I tried to reinstall but that still not work.
    I need document for the exam
  • Bob Timmons Level 10 Level 10
    Not sure what you mean by "reinstall".

    The "default" password for the device is public. If you did not assign a device password when you first configured the device, that might do the trick.

    If not, then you need to reset the Time Capsule back to factory defaults as follows:

    Power down the Time Capsule
    Hold in the reset button and keep holding it in as you plug the power back in to the Time Capsule
    Release the reset button 10 seconds after you plug the power back in

    Open AirPort Utility and click Continue to follow the guided setup to reconfigure your Time Capsule again. You might want to write down your device and wireless network password for future reference.