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One of the most maddening lack-of-features on the iPhone (which has been around on Blackberry & Window Mobile phones forEVER) is the inability for 3rd party apps to sync their data with either the existing Mac/PC apps (i.e. Mail, Address Book, iCal, Outlook, etc.) or a desktop version of their app (i.e. Ascendo DataVault - see http://www.ascendo-inc.com/datavault/iphone/FAQ.html#SyncCable). Some are able to circumvent this limitation by synchronizing over WiFi, etc., within their app, but that's very clunky.

Why shouldn't that nifty notes/todo app be able to synchronize with my iCal, Stickies, or even their own app via my normal iTunes sync? I've never seen this addressed and am wondering if I've just missed it. Is there a reason for it, is it forthcoming - does anyone have an inside scoop? It's just a little embarrassing to continue making excuses for my iPhone for things the competition has been doing for nearly a decade and am curious if this is something that might be on the radar.

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    Send feedback - http://apple.com/feedback

    If you're so embarrassed by your iPhone, why not sell it and buy a BB or WinMo phone since they apparently have the features you want?
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    Thanks for the helpful insight. I didn't realize these were fan pages where criticism is forbidden.

    Feedback is a black hole. As I said, I am curious if this is being addressed and/or the reasoning behind it, if anyone knows it.

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    This is a Technical Support forum - not Facebook. It was clear in the Terms you signed up to ....
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    I guess I should've started with the question rather than ending with it. When I was critical, I obviously lost the readers who all quickly scrambled to rally rather than finish reading through my frustration to get to the questions. Sorry to upset the delicate dispositions of the fan base. I'll keep googling around and see if I can find an answer elsewhere.
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    If you're asking why Apple didn't implement a specific feature, you're never going to find the answer here or anywhere. You will find many opinions and discussions, all pretty much worthless in the end because they don't make any difference other than for people to beat their chests.

    The bottom line is Apple does it the way they want and if you don't like it, deal with it or buy something else.

    There are several things I don't like about the iPhone but overall, it's the best phone for me, thus I deal with it's shortcomings and move on with life, not worrying and ranting about things that I can't change or are not important.
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    This is a user to user tech support forum. The terms you agreed to do not allow anyone to speculate on future additions to any product line. Anyone who actually knows anything has signed an NDA and can't discuss it.

    Feedback is the ONLY way to let Apple know your feelings.
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    You're probably right. I guess I was just hoping some Apple insiders might frequent here and 1) offer an explanation - doesn't help, but satisfies my curiosity and/or 2) offer a 'wait until summer update' kind of response (that's just me being reeeally optimistic.)

    When the iPhone debuted without cut/copy n paste, they were bludgeoned in forums and the press for two years until they finally added it. I haven't seen the same fervor for this feature. Am I alone? Take the "Awesome Note" app - looks as good as its name implies. Without sync'ing to iCal / Stickies, etc., nearly worthless, to me anyway. What a shame... and it's not the developer's fault.
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    Thanks for properly setting my expectations. I suppose I'll just have to wait and see! (and I did send feedback.)

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    You're probably right. I guess I was just hoping some Apple insiders might frequent here ...

    There are NO true Apple insiders, i.e. people that don't work for Apple, that know what Apple is doing and tell others. This is shown in the fact that there is no 'sure' info an an Apple product until it's officially announced to the public or at best a few days before. Apple goes to extreme lengths to keep their product development secret.
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    Side note--Interestingly, Apple does open up MobileMe syncing, which is magically unclunky--so third parties can use Apple's cloud service to go from their app to their desktop app (I assume free to the developer). But a developer replied to me once that Apple doesn't make it that easy, and indeed, not that many apps offer MobileMe syncing.

    Even Bento, produced by Filemaker, a wholly owned subsidiary of Apple, doesn't use iTunes or cable-based syncing.