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I have an iMac 27" on Snow Leopard and have recently bought a Nokia 6303 phone. I have managed to pair them and each recognises the other, but when I try to connect them the iMac Bluetooth connection flashes a green dot and 'connected' for about a second and then reverts to a red dot and 'not connected'. The Nokia comes up with the message "Service not supported by the other device". I've checked the Nokia's Bluetooth which seems to be ok and the wireless mouse and keyboard work with the iMac. I also have a Time Capsule connected to an Internet router by Ethernet cable and the router is wireless.
The only slight difference seems to be that the Nokia only has space for part of the Mac's bluetooth name and I am reluctant to shorten this on the Mac for fear of losing the mouse and keyboard connections. I suspect I have incorrect Bluetooth settings but don't know how to change them without messing up the bits that work. Can anyone help, please?

27" iMac Quadcore, Mac OS X (10.6.2), Nokia 6303, Time Capsule
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    As I had no response to this query, I tried the AppleCare phone number and got nowhere before the line went dead after about 15 minutes. As I didn't want to pay for another phone call and have to start all over again I made an appointment with my local Genius Bar (not very convenient as they're about 20 miles away) who were very helpful and I discovered it wasn't my iMac but the way I was trying to connect to my phone. Don't try to do it via System Preferences>Bluetooth but click on the Bluetooth symbol in the menu bar and if the device is paired it will appear and you can go from there. That way, it seems, the computer is controlling the device and not the other way round as it would be by going to System Preferences first.
    I think my problem is answered.