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I mysteriously lost a voice memo that was stored on my phone. Oddly enough, my phone kept two, 2-hr. memos that were recorded within minutes of the shorter one (45min) I lost. At the same time, I lost the backup that might contain the voice memo when I had to ditch my music library and start over because itunes 9 crashed my mac. I lost all the data for itunes and the backup that might have contained the voice memo.

I recovered about 30gig of iphone backups using a data recovery program. Only thing is, I don't know what the fastest way to check all this data is. Some of the files I'm able to attach .m4a or .mp3, but we're talking thousands of files. I a lso tried to backup my iphone from some of this recovered ddata, but I don't know how many files to put in the backup folder and exactly what files or how many a complete iphone backup has.

Anyone know if I'm wasting my time or if there's a way I can spot the ddta files that contain voice memos? Thanks in advance.

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    iTunes syncs memo's I believe into a playlist called "Voice Memos." To ensure voice memo syncing is on,

    Load up iTunes. Connect the iPhone and click on the Music tab for the iPhone, and check "include vice memos."
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    I have just recorded a a voice memo on my iPhone. I synced it to see whereabouts iTunes saved it on my PC.

    Here is the location where mine got saved:
    C:\Users\MY USERNAME\Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\Music\Unknown Artist\Unknown Album

    It is a AAC audio/m4a file format.

    Hope this helps you locate it
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    That's a whole different problem I have too. My voice memos haven't been syncing lately. Neither have my ringtones. I've tried everything including a full restore.

    What I'm trying to find is the data that previous backups hold voice memos on. Let's say I've wiped everything. Hard drive, itunes, backup folders. All I have are retrieved previous iphone backups on an external drive I got from a deleted data recovery program. What I'm trying to do is pull out the data from that, that the voice memo is likely to be on, rather than trying to listen to all 5,000 of the itunes documents I retrieved.

    I also retrieved previous iphone backups, but not neatly packaged into separate folders. What I have is a ton of the ddata files that are inside a backup folder all in one spot and I'm trying to piece together what is needed to make a full backup so I can put it on my iphone and see what I have and if I can retrieve the lost voice memo.

    Any suggestions? Thanks.
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    The music you have in the iPhone backup, are they MP3 format?

    If they are, then I would suggest you look through the backup files for any with a file format of AAC/m4a, has this is the format of voice memo's.

    If however your music in your iPhone backups are in m4a format, and the voice memos are relatively short, then I would expect it to be easy enough to see which m4a's will be/or most likely to be the voice memo's due to their shorter playing time and hence smaller in file size too