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  • Wayne Steele Level 1 Level 1

    I have the panasonic 3D camcorder and it imports and is fully editable in i-movie 11. Also if you export it can be edited in i-movie HD ( bring it back APPLE).  Just don't do fancy transitions or titles.


    upload to youtube and use their 3D options for viewing.  Brilliant


    sample here

  • Rnld Level 1 Level 1

    I am also planning to buy a Panasonic hdc 909 and they say it is Apple compatible with the format "iFrame" which was invented by Apple and allows to edit the movie in IMovie directly without converting.

    I learned that even if you take the film in high quality AVCHD IMovie converts it anyway in the intermediate codec (iFrame) and looses all the high quality to to the same extend as filming in in "iFrame". Is this correct?

    It should produce small files because it only tapes the change of any frame and therefore the projects are a lot smaller than with AVCHD? Any experience or is it just another name for  e.g. 1080i or p?


    I really find nobody mentioning this iFrame and I really find no comparison in the net, but I am going on cruise to the Amazonas and do the filming for a group of 30 people (our clients on the ship) and finally the should get a proper quality DVD after the journey!


    thank you for your explanations as I am really bewildered for about 1 month


    Ronny from Zugspitzarea in Tyrol

  • Mike Jasinski Level 1 Level 1

    hi, i've been using rewrap (in 10.6.6, without perian installed) since march without problems. Then i installed 10.6.7 and perian for another use, and then then rewrap stopped working with the audio screeching... and it wasn't consistent, sometimes screech sometimes not. uninstalled perian, and went to older version. no luck. so i gave up, installed 10.6.0 from the installer DVD right over my drive - went fairly fast (45min) and then combo updated to 10.6.6. i did not install perian, and then i got no audio when using rewrap. installed perian 1.2.1, and that seemed to do the trick. now i am really confused.


    1. why was the script working in 10.6.6 without perian

    2. why when i delete perian in any os do i get no sound when playing these wrapped files (even when i rewrap the file)

    3. doing a dvd 10.6 install (to 10.6.6 combo) over 10.6.7 must not really change all the system files as rewrap audio should have worked as it did when it was really 10.6.6...

    4. anybody have an idea on whether the new apple Final Cut Pro (v8?) will be able to handle these 1080p avchd/.mts files natively without recoding or wrapping?


    any thoughts would be helpful.

  • Rnld Level 1 Level 1

    I am also planning to buy a Pana which is able to film in iFrame format - does anybody know anything about this format or is it only a name for a 1080 i  or similar format?

    Does anybody know, which qualitiy this iFormat is - any good for a DVD or just rubbish?

    imovie should be able to use it without conversation, any experience?

    I really try to find an answer in the net, but nobody can tell me?

    Thank's a lot!


  • mabtng Level 1 Level 1

    I found some more information on iFrame here:

  • Rnld Level 1 Level 1

    Dear mabtng,


    I really do not find an answer, concerning the quality, but hopefully next week I will experience it with my new pana - the resolution looks very low, but we will see..


  • Augsburg57 Level 1 Level 1

    I had a similar problem with ReWrap, it worked fine and then somehow was corrupted.  Audio screeched on the last file it had been working on. I just deleted the application and re-downloaded it.  It works fine now.

  • Mike Jasinski Level 1 Level 1

    hmmm, i tried that, no luck. still had the screeching audio, and if i remember correctly it was not doing it consistently on he same file, sometimes would sometimes wouldn't.


    what mac osx are you running 10.6.?. Do you have perian installed? just trying to figure this out, completely reverted back to 10.6.6 and works just fine... kinda shy now about upgrading. nobody else has commented since middle of may on this issue.  thanks in advance.

  • eisber123 Level 1 Level 1

    Did you try to revert to Perian 1.2.1?

  • Mike Jasinski Level 1 Level 1

    i did, found that link a few posts back, and that didn't help. is everything working for you? what system? just trying to narrow and figure...

  • Mike Jasinski Level 1 Level 1

    Is there a way to reverse Rewrap2M4V. going to start editing in FCPx when it comes out, not imovie anymore, and i (dumb me) didn't save the unwrapped original files.

  • Mike Jasinski Level 1 Level 1

    eisber123 wrote:


    Did you try to revert to Perian 1.2.1?

    so i reverted to a pre perian installed state from a backup (10.6.6) and then installed all the apple updates including 10.6.7  and the audio playback from a Rewrap2M4V converted file worked just fine. so for my mac, perian was the cause of the screeching audio.

  • wp2011 Level 1 Level 1

    I'm interested in purchasing a Mac..(first time) but also have the Panasonic TM90K. I see some discussion about iFrame and IMovie 11.

    Can anyone comment on using Parallel or Boot Camp to Windows 7 on a MAC and downloading the 1080P/60 on the Windows side. Will this work? What windows version would i need? XP, 7, vista? Any advice on parallel and boot camp greatly appreciated.

    It does defeat the IMovie use but I would prefer not to lose any resolution. The aforementioned steps sound good but for a beginner like myself could be more of a challenge/hastle.

    Thanks in advance!

  • Lexden Level 1 Level 1

    I bought a Panasonic TM900EK a few days before a holiday in Switzerland. As a complete novice, I took the option of recording about 4 hours of video in IFrame. I did a lot of editing on IMovie 11 (importing was automatic) and then moved the project to FCP X. After some further editing, I 'shared' the project using BluRay and I have just played it back on my PS3 on a Panasonic LCD HD TV in 1080p ( as selected by the TV) . The quality was surprisingly good and much better than it appeared to be on my 27Inch IMac. My OH was very impressed.


    I have imported some test videos into the Panasonic HD Editor using Windows XP via Parallels 5. No problem with importing or playback. I have tried to import these files from the Windows folder using FCP X but all I get is a message to the effect that FCP X does not recognize the file format.


    Importing Panasonic 'HA' AVCHD into FCP X appears to be a bit hit and miss - more miss that hit. I have been able to import 4 small test files and the viewing quality on my IMAC appears better than IFrame. I haven't 'shared' these images to BluRay yet.


    As an aside, I could have fried on egg on the casing of my IMac when it was burning a 20 minute blu ray. Other forums suggest that this is normal.

  • chanlon Level 1 Level 1

    Hi there.


    I own a Panasonic tm700 and have been importing 1080P 60FPS video using clip wrapper into Final Cut Pro X.


    Could somebody direct me into creating a custom preset in Compressor, for 720P 60FPS video for playback on a PS3 or Western Digital TV Live Hub.


    Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated!


    Thanks in advance.



    Sorry.... I've re-posted in the Compressor support thread.

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