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Somehow, I had my Lexmark x7675 set up to print wirelessly for a while. However, today I had to change my security from WEP to WPA/WPA2 Personal (in order to hook up my Wii for Netflix instant movies) and I lost the printer connection.

The printer's Wi-Fi Protected set up screen gives me two choices: WPS "Push Button Method" or "Pin Method." There doesn't seem to be anything like a button on my Airport Express. Or would the button be on my modem? I have a Motorola SBV5120, but the only button on it says "standby."

From what I can tell the "Pin Method" is what I'll have to use. The printer shows me a pin number and says I have 2 minutes to enter this pin on "router setup webpage" but I don't know what a router setup webpage is. Where would I find this?

I've also read some other forums that suggest opening the Airport Utility and selecting "Add Wireless Client" from the base station menu. But that option is greyed out, no matter what I do.

I don't know if any of this makes sense, and I obviously don't know what I'm doing, so I'd really really appreciate it if anyone could shed some light on my situation. Thanks!

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.6)
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    Based on the information in your post and a quick web search of the basic specifications of the Lexmark x7675, it may be that this device...which utilizes older 802.11b/g formats...is not compatible with newer WPA/WPA2 Personal security settings.

    Do you have some documentation there in the owner's manual/specifications that specifically mentions the type of security that the Lexmark device requires?

    There is no "router setup webpage" for Apple wireless routers, so there would not be a way to use the "Pin Method" in the manner you mentioned in your post. Do you recall how you set this up previously?
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    Thank you for replying.

    My Lexmark user's manual indicates that WPA 2 security is supported. Best I can tell, the printer wants me to use WPS (WiFi protected setup) to configure, which is supposed to make things easier. But the airport doesn't seem to support this, and I can't figure out the more manual process. The printer is recognizing my network, but doesn't give me the opportunity to enter my password anywhere--it just has the WPS thing.

    I can't exactly remember how I got it working the first time, but I was using WEP security then. I think it was mostly trial and error and I think I entered the hex version of my wireless network password somewhere, either on the printer itself or through some kind of config website, but I can't find anyplace to do that now, and I can't find a reference to such a website in the user's manual.

    I feel like this is a simple process, and I'm just missing something really obvious, but I don't have enough experience with this kind of thing to know what it is. Thanks again for your help.
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    If you know that the Lexmark supports WPA/WPA2 Security then you might want to contact Lexmark Support for the steps to install on a Macintosh.

    I noticed the following TroubleShooting Guide for Macintosh on the Lexmark Support site. Perhaps there may be some useful information here.