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I just picked up a new 3Gs today! I'm very excited! I have an Apple brand iPhone Bluetooth Headset that I was using with my first generation iPhone. I can't figure out how to activate voice control on my 3Gs with the Apple BT Headset. Does anyone have an answer for this? Thanks in advance


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    I don't believe Apple's bluetooth headsets supports voice dialing. However, not 100% certain about this.
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    From Dizzy D on 10/12/09:

    "Success! On my Apple Bluetooth Headset, I have to press the button quickly (fraction of a second) then release. I then hear the high pitch activation (or confirmation?) beep. Then I have to press the button a 2nd time for about 1 second and I hear the new crazy sound, a pause, then the Voice Control tone. Then I speak the command.

    Works pretty well, though not as accurate as just speaking into the phone. I asked it to play songs by U2 and, instead, it called some person I hadn't spoken with in years and they were wondering why I was calling... Awkward."
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    Thanks. I actually found that copied post in it's original spot last night and gave it a try. I still had no success. I gave Apple support a call since I have the 90 days of complimentary service and they solved it for me. They had me unpair/forget the headset, power down the headset, reboot the phone, repair the headset. Now it works! I have no idea why this had to be done, but hopefully the 5 other people that actually have the Apple BT headset will see this and know what to do.