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I am an independent sales representative working for multiple companies, all of whom provide me with an email address and account for the corporate email. I would like to get an iPhone but wonder if I will be able to receive/send and manage multiple email accounts. Currently in my office I use Outlook to do this, one account is my personal "Hotmail" email which uses MAPI the other two accounts use POP3 for inbound server and SMTP for outbound server.

So really two questions can I manage these accounts on an iPhone? If so how will this affect me seeing emails when I am in the office at my laptop?

iPhone, iPhone OS 3.1.3
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    I can't answer everything but I can give you some experience that I have that might shed some light on your concern. My iPhone does allow me to manage multiple email accounts. I don't understand the different email accounts available but the iPhone does allow me to check internet based email accounts such as hotmail and yahoo. In turn, I use Outlook 2003 to access these email accounts for emails that are too large to read. What I like about the iPhone, is that there is a setting called PUSH that allows emails to be pushed immediately to your phone as if it was a text message. I am not sure if this is an iPhone feature or an email server feature. I also notice that once Outlook sends/receives, the emails that are on my phone get removed whether they are read or unread and then placed onto my computer with Outlook.
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    Short answer: Yes. Without any problem.

    You can set up any e-mail account you wish, separate from the others. I have 24 different accounts on my iPhone, from hotmail, yahoo (including ymail and rocketmail), gmail, .mac, and bellsouth. You can send and/or reply to any e-mail using whichever account you wish. Very user friendly.
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    Jon, do you have a simple answer for me on the Push feature? I'm steering the thread away a little but I think you completed it. I have an ATT.net account. Under selections, "Fetch New Data" "Advanced" "email account name" there are three selections provided, "Push" "Fetch" "Manual." I noticed that when I set up an ATT.net sub account for my daughter's iTouch, the "Push" feature was missing.
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    Not sure I understand your question completely.

    On my iPhone, my primary .mac account is set to push. My secondary .mac account (alias) only has the option for "fetch".

    All of my Bellsouth/att accounts, sub accounts have the option of either 'Push", "fetch" or "manual". I am not familiar with the iTouch, there may be something different in the settings for that device.
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    Thanks for checking Jon, someone on this forum did have a problem with the Push feature missing. I am sure it applies to the iTouch as well.
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    Some providers do not offer the option, so it does not appear in the settings. I don't know which ones. But, it seems to me, off the top of my head, to do with sub-accounts in some cases, and whether or not it's IMAP capable, webmail based, or POP.

    Here's what I see on my iPhone:

    Fetch/manual only: Gmail, .mac sub-account, clear.net (which uses gmail).

    Fetch/push/manual: bellsouth.net (including sub-accounts); yahoo mail (including ymail and rocketmail); .mac primary account;

    AOL has no options for PUSH/FETCH.

    So, my best guess is that this option "fetch/push/manual" is driven by the ISP, rather than the iPhone.

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    Has anyone found a solution (is there an app out there) that seperates your email accounts on your iphone screen. I know when i receive an email in mail, but i dont know when i have received a new email in my other accounts. its a pain to have to check it on my own to see if i have new ones and to go 3 clicks into my account. i hope there is a solution, because i am starting to question leaving my blackberry!
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    I'm no expert. Just a user.

    If I understand your question, you have several accounts: one .mac account and three other IMAP accounts from other services, not associated with .MAC?

    My iPhone keeps all accounts separate. I don't think it can be set up any other way right now. How do you have your settings configured on the iPhone for each account?

    I may not understand your question . . .