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I have just purchased a new Lexmark Pro 205 series printer and had a question about it that I cannot seem to find anywhere else online. I am trying to setup Internet Printing and cannot get it to work.

Let me explain my setup first:

Lexmark Pro 205 series printer setup and working in local wireless network
Apple Time Capsule router for wireless connectivity
Desktop PC running Windows Vista 64-bit connected with ethernet to Time Capsule and printing fine to printer on local network
Macbook running Mac OS X Snow Leopard connected wirelessly to Time Capsule and printing fine to printer on local network

What I am wanting to do is setup the printer on the Macbook so that I can print over the internet. I have tried setting it up on the Macbook with IPP and LPD protocols and neither will connect when trying a test print. I have also forwarded the IPP and LPD TCP ports specifically on the Time Capsule to the printer but still cannot connect when trying a test print.

I have also tried printer sharing on the PC by setting up the printer then sharing it from the PC. I then forwarded the ports again but to the PC this time instead of the printer. Again it does not connect when trying to print a test page.

If you have any ideas or, even better, a specific setup guide needed to print over the internet, please email it back to me so that I can finally get this accomplished.

Above was sent to Lexmark Support but wanted the take of anyone on here as well.

Thanks All!

MacBook6,1, Mac OS X (10.6.2), Windows Vista 64-bit desktop
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    You need a couple of things. You need to have a fixed address for your internet connection, and you need to allow access to your printer from the internet through the Time Capsule firewall. You also need to be extremely careful with your security.

    Alternatively, you could use Mobile Me and Back to My Mac to print through a connected Mac.
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    Well, to answer one part of your reply (which btw, thanks for replying), I use DynDNS with a hostname for fixed IP so I always know my way home so to speak

    I do have Mobile Me and can obviously use Back to My Mac except only have the one Mac which I am taking with me for remote printing.

    I know how to allow access to the printer through the Time Capsule and have tried forwarding both IPP and LPD ports to both the printer and the desktop PC which has printer sharing enabled.

    Is there another port I should be enabling?
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    I wouldn't want to connect the printer to the Time Capsule directly but am willing if it will make nay of this easier...
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    If you are really certain that your security is adequate, you need to open port 631 through your Time Capsule firewall. If there is any other firewall in your internet connection, you have to get through that as well.

    For additional security, you could open another port and forward it to 631, but then you need to configure your driver to send it to that port.

    It still is probably a good idea to require a password for printing.
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    Thanks again for replying. I have opened port 631 (IPP) and 515 (LPD) for printing but it still says it can't connect when trying a test print. I have even tried Network Utility to test if the ports open and it still doesn't connect. I know the port mappings are good because I run a VNC client and that mapping connects fine.

    What am I doing wrong here? Should be a simple setup... :\
  • Bruce De Benedictis Level 4 (1,690 points)
    Do you have the printer driver set up with the proper address, including the port?
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    Thanks again for replying. I assume that when you mean the proper address, you mean my DynDNS address and I have set that properly. I have also set the port mapping on the Time Capsule to forward the port properly to the local PC computer as well I have tried forwarding it directly to the printer itself. As for the ports, I would also assume that the ports are set correctly when adding the printer with the proper protocol, i.e. IPP or LPD. I can try adding the port to the address if you think it would be beneficial though.
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    Just wanted to "bump" this and say that updates to 10.6.3, airport, etc... lately have had no effect on getting my printer working from outside my local network.

    And still no response from Lexmark... Might try calling them instead of email as I am supposed to have priority support with this new printer. Will post solution if I find one.