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hey guys,
i got a new iphone at friday, installed itunes (newest version, v9.0.3) and wanted to install apps and so on.. when i connected it to my pc (windows xp) itunes said i should update my iphones firmware to 3.1.3.. i thought 'okay, new version shouldn't be bad, why not'.. itunes started updating and after a few minutes (think 15mins) while the apple logo and the progress bar were on my iphone i lost the connection (itunes was at 'restoring iphone-software').. i reboot my pc because itunes didn't start after closing it with task manager and connected my iphone to my pc again to restore it. after waiting for one hour and more my iphone just hang at the same point when it lost the connection before. does a chance exist to get it working?!

what i've done till now: i closed AV and firewall software, delete the ispw file from application data \ iphone \ ... (itunes loaded it again) and tried it more than five times again.. nothing happens or helps..
tomorrow i can try it at another pc and itunes account, but i dont want to wait anymore.. i'm sitting here for 8 hours to get it working; i searched with google but didnt find someone who has the same problem..

hope someone can help me

ps: sry for my english, i'm german