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Okay, I know before you ask questions you should try to figure it out.
I plug it in, go to the (j:), go to the DCIM folder, go to 000apple, and it gives me an error
I searched for what the problem was, but I couldn't find out how to play videos on my computer.
It used to do it though!
I renamed some of the videos, I thought it would be ok, and it was, still played, you know, when I used to watch them on quick time. Still try, but nope.
I also when I copied and paste them to my desktop, *+they still used to play like that.+* so I could upload them to youtube, which was successful.

Maybe it was a big no no and I'm the stupidest person ever.
I really want to put the videos online, they are pretty funny,
like kittens falling asleep, who doesn't love that?
Dog lovers and people who are allergic would just die of happy.
Its very frustrating, like trying to figure out the movie Donnie Darko for the first time.

Anyways, I have to go to "MY COMPUTER" super fast, wait for it *+(The little iPod icon button that implies its the (j:) file, where the devices with the removable storage is!)+* to pop up and click on it, go to where the videos are and I get an error.

So, heres the deal.
Listen up.
if someone can please tell me how to fix this without deleting everything, because I CAUGHT AWESOME MOMENTS THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN. like baby kittens opening their eyes for the first time while I hold it and they start yawning.. Yeah, that cute.

I will give them Ice cream, puppy dogs, I'll slip you 20 bucks under the table once in a while.
Save a whale or two.

I would really appreciate it.
I hope this isn't common knowledge because I commonly make an idiot of myself when asking questions.
Thank you for your time.

xo Tia Tiara
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