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This does not immediately occur when I launch mail, but does so after some time (can be up to an hour or 2). I get this message:

'The server returned the error: The connection to the server “pop.netspace.net.au” on port 110 timed out.'

This also occurred recently with my .mac email. The port for that one is 993.

Is there anyway of solving this so my email works all the time it is open.

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    Just converted my mother in law over to a new 21.5" iMac. Originally I was using Entourage without any problems (well problems like this Entourage is another story) but I thought "mail" would be better for her.

    I'm getting the same problem on her POP3 account - port 110 timed out. It seems to just come and go??

    Very frustrating when your trying to convince someone the iMac is better than her old windows machine but can't send mail reliably!