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I need to know the direction to take in order to use my domain name for the great features offered in the mac mini server, while having local and public access to my server with security.
I am trying to do the following on my new mac mini server:

-Set up DNS (myserver.private)

I have a static IP I want to use for all this with my ISP

-ftp access
-ichat (user@mydomain.com)
-email (user@mydomain.com)
-ical etc. (user@mydomain.com)
-my work website(mydomain.com) with public access!
-host websites(other domains)

I need to know the direction to take in order to use my domain name for these features. I have a domain name with godaddy, and I am happy with keeping it with them, however, how to I make my external domain name work on my private server with public access is the question?

Thank you,
Daniel G

Mac Mini
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    [Read this|http://labs.hoffmanlabs.com/node/1436] as a start; you're basically going to decide if you want to use NAT or not; if you have enough public static IP addresses to avoid the disaster that's NAT. If you want to use NAT (and few reasonable folks want to, but sometimes we have to), then you get to run your own DNS services internally, and establish public DNS and power-forwarding at a (preferably server-grade) firewall. With NAT, you end up with split DNS, and that's covered in the cited document.

    ps: it's easier to [use sftp|http://labs.hoffmanlabs.com/node/942]; while that shares three letters with ftp, it avoids most of the problems of ftp.