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Joanne Barnier Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
Does it faze you Apple that all these people are having this problem with the itunes upgrade and you keep letting people download and buy these shuffles without so much as a warning??? Anything to make a buck. Well Thank you Apple, I have purchased Ipod Shuffles for all four of my children for Christmas and guess what...NONE OF THEM WORK!!!! Blinking orange lights...that's all we get on all of them...just in time for Christmas...I have spent DAYS trying to get them working, all to no avail. And because I do my shopping early, guess what, your 90-days support is up!! Merry **** Christmas, not our problem, yours right??????????!!!!!!!!!!!

Dimension 4600c, Windows XP
  • Jeff* Level 5 Level 5 (4,900 points)
    thank you for your rant

    the majority of problems people are having with itunes is a function of not reading the documentation, not understand how things work

    and they are mainly Windows users who have so many other things installed on their systems that they are just begging for some sort of software conflict to happen (imho)

    if people would take the time to read the documentation on itunes and their new ipod, 99.9% of these things would not happen
  • Lougoose Level 4 Level 4 (3,040 points)
    Did you try manually ejecting the ipods?

    there's a little ehject button next to the ipod in the sources window. (to the left)

    If that doesn't work, try adding the songs onto the ipod, and then jsut unplugging it from the computer (that's what I have to do, although I keep forgetting trying to click the eject button).
  • M-K Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    There is a serious problem with the latest firmware update for the shuffle and it doesn't matter if you're using a Windows based PC or a Mac (I have both). Consumers should not need to have a BA in computer science to figure out how to get their $100 MP3 player to work. Apple is saying nothing publically, let's hope they are working on a fix behind the scenes.
  • vinbot Level 1 Level 1 (50 points)
    That was quite a stupid, smug response to a lady with some very legitimate concerns, Jeffie-boy.
    I am a Mac user, and I HAVE read all about my iPod, and I am having the same problems.
    I like Apple, but they aren't infallible! If you would pull your head out of your arse-hole, you would see MANY people are having this problem, which is OBVIOUSLY related to the newest OS X update and/or iTunes 6.
    So there.
  • oduka1 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    I got my shuffle 2 days ago and have only just got it to play music. To do this I had to download the latest ishuffle update then restore not update (because that doesn't help)my ishuffle. And then autofill the ishuffle again and it works.
  • JPL! Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    Exactly same problem here. I know there´s something wrong in the firmware/iTunes update because mine died after the update, I got it replaced and didn´t update iTunes nor the firmware... guess what? It´s working. Apple SHOULD acknowledge the problem at least and take this update offline until it´s fixed. Apple seems to be not concerned or ignoring this problem. Of course, that would be bad reputation for Christmas sales $$$

    We all should e-mail newspapers, Slashdot... I don´t know...
  • Joanne Barnier Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    Thanks Jeff for the good ole' words of wisdom on my pc, but you aren't talking to someone who started using windows yesterday. I have taken lots of time to read my manual and it's not a manual problem. It narrows down to the itunes 10-12 upgrade. This is Apple's problem, not a simple "Manual" and "too much on your system" problem as you state.
  • KarenD Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    I bought an iPod Shuffle last week and had the same problem (only with OS X not Windows). I believe there is a problem either with the Shuffles themselves or with the current version of the Updater. But my conversation with Apple's Tech Support was similar in tone to the reply above, they're sure the whole thing's my fault. Could be. So I just returned the iPod to the store since I could still get my money back.

    My next step will be to check out the Rio Forge. I'll post again with my results.
  • Branded Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)
    this shows us that apple is just big crap with a useless hotline and helpdesk, i called them a few times now because i have the same problem ..... i am not able to put/remove songs on my shuffle manually if i try the error: "on this ipod cannot be written and reading is also impossible" .... so i searched the web and and found some where that its only possible to fill the ipod automatically after i do a firmware reset..... *** ...
    so i remember that since i upgraded the ipod to 1.12 the shuffle function is not working very well and a few days and itunes v6 later the trouble started

    i have the ipod about 6 months now so i got gurantee but the ** called apple wants money for that. i am thinking about to inform the Customersafety here in Germany cause that cannot be inline with the rules!!

    as final i just have to say i am so dissapointed i will never by apple products again in my life

  • JMM76 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    I had htis problems too
  • MissionMan Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    Jeff, think before you open you mouth, or you just look like an idiot. This problem is widespread and blaming it on computer literacy is bull.

    I am an IT consultant and I have the same problem, and I am very specific about the stuff I load on my machine.

    What annoys me is that I just bought an Ipod mini now as well, and if this is how apple intends handling the issue I might just take it back for a refund. I have two with this problem, both a couple of days after the upgrade. My fiance's and mine. Co-Incidence? I think not.
  • Chris CA Level 9 Level 9 (78,075 points)
    And because I do my shopping early, guess what, your 90-days support is up!!
    The 90 day asupport is only to talk with someone on the phone.
    You still have a full one year warranty.
  • grande Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)
    I had the exact same problem.

    And Jeff, I'm a software engineer. I'm not an idiot when it comes to computers. Trust me, there's a problem on Apples side.
  • Jon Keaty Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)
    I've had a shuffle since March and it's been nothing but trouble. I'm a Mac user of almost 20years and yes, I've read the documentation. On my 17" PB it mounts then freezes the updater or iTunes ( whichever i have open) and then I can't force quit either of those so I have to pull the shuffle and restart. Which is not good news. I then get one go at reinstalling the shuffle software and adding some songs bfore the cycle starts again. What a piece of crap. This has happened over 3 OS upgrades and lots of iPod updates 'fixes'. Lucky I have access to another Powerbook which will at least reinitialise the shuffle in an emergency. I would say DO NOT BUY A SHUFFLE it will make you ( or your loved ones) CRY!
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