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My iTunes program disappeared( don't ask me how or why cuz I couldn't find it anywhere)( this is a fairly new computer and it lost my library and I had to redo that) and I had to reinstall it. Now it won't recognize any of my iPods. They were already synced to this computer and I don't want to have to use up a another of my recognition allotment. We can only use it 5 times and I don't want to waste a time when they were already on this computer. I am computer dumb and would appreciate any help. Thanks

dell pentium/vista, Windows Vista
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    I am sorry to hear that you had this problem, I have had this problem in the past. You have to go into your devices [when you go into the ports under my computer] and then 'reset' all the running devices. Also check on iTunes to see if it recognized the iPod or not. Your iPod could just not be working with the computer, so refer to the manual for any iPod support. As for the computer authorization, once you get to 5 computers, go into the iTunes Store and then go into My Account and log in. There will be an option to de-authorize all your computers, and you click that and then just re-authorize the ones you still need. Keep in mind that you can only do this once per year, so if you reached the limit again you are temporarily out of luck.
    One more thing. Your iPods also couldn't be recognized by iTunes because the port is corrupt. You can always clean the port of dust or try a different port. Your re-install shouldn't affect the syncing in any way.