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    A lot of people have tried different solutions. The problem indeed is the Videocard. Probably a change in driver after 10.6.3. Cooling the video card more could also help but....


    Installing the 10.6.3 KEXT is the proven solution and everything works fine. Video speed is good, dimming works, sleep works an th iMac is quiet!


    The good news is that the 10.6.3 Kext also work on 10.8.4


    Download them here:

  • nekosaur Level 1 (0 points)

    So - not too get anyone TOO excited, but I've had these freezing issues since 10.6.3 just like everyone else.


    Good news...I've heard that Apple may have FIXED THIS ISSUE for the upcoming OS.

    I have gotten reports of people running for 2 weeks now with no freezes at all, and this is WITHOUT the kext fix.


    Fingers crossed everyone, I think Apple squashed this bug when they rewrote the OpenGL drivers.

    Older iMac graphic cards are running far, far cooler and have not had any issues at all.



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    Great news!  But this thing is weird and unpredicable.


    Which Mac are you using?  Mine: ATI Radeon HD 2600 Pro 256 MB.  I purchased Moutain Lion a long time ago, but haven't yet installed it.  Let us know if the success continues.

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    Does anyone know if there is a similar fix for the early 2009 imacs that are fitted with the NVIDIA GEFORCE GT120.  I have this machine and have the EXACT same problem as you guys


    Been destroying my system for nearly 2 years now.


    Any help appreciated.





    EDIT:   I see in Mavericks apple will be supporting OGL4 as opposed to OGL 3.2 which is currently supported by lion.


    My particular care is an OGL 3 card as mentioned above:  NVIDIA GEFORCE GT120.  Does this mean I may have some luck finally with them fixing it i.e are they REWRITING OGL or just adding support for OGL4?  Or does adding the support for 4 require a total rewrite anyway?

  • Drunken Hobo Level 1 (0 points) has a new driver for the 120 but not for the 130

  • hardtofin Level 1 (5 points)

    Many thanks.


    Is this for iMac though or just mac pros?


    Also where would I find the new one?  The only driver that comes up when I follow the search options on that link is below, and I can't install it:

    Quadro & GeForce Release 304.00.05f02

    Version: 304.00 - Release Date: 2 October 2012

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    Thank you so much! These posts returned a piece of metal back to an working iMac!


    I really assumed the erreor to be a hardware bug. But it's software. Restored old graphic driver and it works again. After 2 years of maintenance ..


    Btw: Is there an updated driver by ATI/AMD for the ATI Radeon HD 2400 XT with 128 MB RAM?



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    Any chance 10.8.5 fixed the video driver so we no longer need the kext hack?

  • Roelof2 Level 1 (0 points)

    Also hoping to hear from you all. Who has installed the 10.8.5 on a 24" iMac HD2600 or 2400


    I sold my iMac 24" to a friend.


    Does the 10.8.5 fix the freez problem with the Radeon HD2600 and HD2400 (probably not)

    Does the kext fix still work

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    10.8.5 has been on my system for three days. So far its stable .




  • Roelof2 Level 1 (0 points)



    Did you use combo update or the Delta update (appstore)?

    And what is your system.

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    I'm into my 4th day of running 10.8.5 with no issues at all. I have the ATI Radeon 2400HD in a mid-2007 iMac. I installed via the Combo updater, not the Delta via App Store. I'm pushing the iMac hard around the clock, doing everything I can to try to force the GPU crash, but it's rock solid so far. This machine hasn't run so well since Leopard. I hope I'm not jinxing it by reporting too soon. I seem to recall that I went for 10 days after installing 10.6.7 before it crashed, so we'll see. I can't report on the kext fix because I haven't needed it yet. I hope I don't. My gut feeling is they finally got it right.

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    You had previously installed the kext fix, though, no? Am I correct in assuming that neither the Combo nor the Delta updater necessarily replaces those kexts? If they don't, then you may still be running the 10.6.2 extensions previously installed. But I don't know.

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    The 10.x.x updates always replace the old kexts with the new ones. I've been in the habit of running the kext fix as part of every update routine. This time I thought I'd wait and see. But I did check the version of the installed kexts, and they are definitely the new ones.

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