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    Please post your sollution in one post (Tutorial for OSX 10.9 Mavericks).


    Something like:

    Download the Kext here


    Apply your 3 Kext files


    Move the original Maverick files ?? to a safe place

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    Follow this procedure to get the Krysztof Turek Kext Fix solution to work on Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks.


    After installing Mavericks:


    1. Download the 10.6.2 ATI graphics driver kernel extensions from and unzip to a non-system location, i.e. your desktop or home folder.
    2. Download Kext Helper b7, available from a number of locations. Here is one link:

    3. Use Apple Menu->About This Mac and click the “More Info…” button to determine which version of the ATI Radeon Card is installed. I only have direct experience with the 2600.

    4. Navigate to /System/Library/Extensions and locate the following items:
      (where xxxx refers to the type of card you have, i.e. in my case  that would be AMD2600Controller.kext)
    5. Move the files from step 4 to a safe backup location. Note: they need to be removed from /System/Library/Extensions not merely copied.
    6. Run Kext Helper and, from the location you save files in step 1, drag the kexts into the primary text area.

      The kexts you want are:

          ATIxxxxController.kext (e.g. ATI2600 Controller.kext)

      Enter your password where indicated (assuming you are an Administrator
      of the machine) and click “EASY INSTALL”.

    7. Reboot


    To confirm, run Apple Menu->About This Mac and click the “More Info…” button. Then click “System Report…”. On the left hand panes list of components select Software / Extensions and, in the list of extensions locate the ATI kexts. You should see all three kexts you installed and you know that you are in good shape if each indicates that it is loaded and that the version number is 1.6.6.

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    Hi all

    Just a quick one the say that Mavericks is still working smoothly using the fix. Breathe again . . . for a while, at least. Thank you 'Freandc' for sorting out the mess for us all and to Krysztof Turek for finding the original kext fix from 10.6.3 onwards.

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    Super guide!

    Thanx franc. Hope a lot of 24" iMac ownership find this guide.

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    You've gone above and beyond the call of duty, Freandc.  Thanks again.

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    Thank you freandc for the guide and the fix!

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    The kind of guide I was waiting for. Easy and straight forward.

    Have applied the "fix" for the first time trying to do so.

    Will see if it helps or not. Would be fantastic if it did!

    Thanks to you and others for their hard work trying to figure out something for the benefit of the masses.

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    I'm sorry for the offtopic but here it goes:


    Now that we have a fix, I was thinking about installing mavericks but I use virtual machines a lot and I'm affraid that the 4GB that I have in this computer wont be enough and it will slow down constantly, can any of you give me some feedback on the performance when using virtual machines in mavericks compared to snow leopard?


    Thank you!

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    I need some help,


    I did the Kext fix, without removing the AMD files. Then, I decided to check if I could locate the ATI files on my Extentions and course they were not loaded, but what was interesting was this:




      Version:          8.18.27

      Last Modified:          20/09/13 08:06

      Loaded:          Yes

      Get Info String:          ATIRadeonX2000 8.18.27 12975

      Obtained from:          Apple

      Kind:          Intel

      Architectures:          x86_64

      64-Bit (Intel):          Yes

      Location:          /System/Library/Extensions/ATIRadeonX2000.kext

      Kext Version:          8.1.8

      Load Address:          18446743521831400000

      Valid:          Yes

      Authentic:          Yes

      Dependencies:          Satisfied

      Signed by:          Software Signing, Apple Code Signing Certification Authority, Apple Root CA



    What is interesting is that ''About this Mac'' shows that my graphics card is an ATI Radeon HD 2400 XT. If so, why it is being showed on the Extentions the file above? Is there anything wrong?


    The ATI controller for my graphics card is showed below:




      Version:          1.6.6

      Last Modified:          23/10/13 22:55

      Loaded:          No

      Get Info String:          ATI2400Controller (7429)

      Obtained from:          Unknown

      Kind:          Intel

      Architectures:          i386, x86_64

      64-Bit (Intel):          Yes

      Location:          /System/Library/Extensions/ATI2400Controller.kext

      Kext Version:          6.0.6

      Valid:          Yes

      Authentic:          Yes

      Dependencies:          Satisfied

      Signed by:          Unknown


    Does someone know if I need to do anything before trying the solution of the problem recently discovered?


    Thank you very much!

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    I can't tell exactly what is going on without seeing the status of the AMD kexts . What is clear is that the ATIRadeonX2000 driver is a valid match for your graphics card so it is possible that because of that match and the subsequent satisfaction of all dependencies with the other AMD kexts that the system is not looking for anything else. If that is the case, you don't have a problem but you just need to remove the other AMD files (AMDFramebutter.kext and AMDSupport.kext).


    To confirm though, you should look in About This Mac -> System Report and select "Graphics/Displays" in the left hand column. This should show you the device id for your card. I believe the 2400 should have a Device Id of 0x94c8 (and a a Vendor Id of 1002 for ATI). If, on the other hand, the Device Id is 0x94c9 then it would appear to be a slightly different card that will not get matched by the ATI2400Controller.kext. If that turns out to be the case, simply copy Krysztof's ATIRadeon2000.kext into /System/Library/Extensions.

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    Thank you very much freandc. I just cheked and my graphics card is indeed an ATIRadeon 2400.
    Now I will try to do the kexts fixes and remove the AMD files.

    Lets see if it will work!


    Kind regards.

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    I upgraded to Mavericks about two days after it came out and surprisingly I have not had an issue as of yet.  I have had the machine running day and night, multiple reboots, monitor put to sleep, etc. and no screen freeze yet.


    I was getting about 1 day before without the fix so this is so far good news. 


    I will update periodically and let you know if it does freeze and if I have to reimplement the fix.  I have also applied all updates available.

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    Had my first freeze last night, 11/4 after installing Mavericks on 10/22. iMac8,1, HD2600 GPU. Screen went white requiring hard shutdown and restart. Not applying kext fix yet. If it only freezes every two weeks, I'll probably live with it. History suggests it will become more frequent, though.

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    Thanks for the instructions freandc!

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    Eliminated the flicker on partly screen and inside startup Apple logo after this procedure. It seems that the sudden black or white screen phenoninen is caused by not matching video driver with hardware correctly. I want to say to Apple please tweak more these drivers for OSX Mavericks.