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  • Tazthed Level 1 Level 1
    People who have reported to Apple before and still have problems with the freezing on Mac with the new update 10.6.6, should keep on REPORTING the problem to Apple so that they know how many people in the world have this problem!

    From 10.6.3 to 10.6.6 and still NO fix!!!

    Report here:

  • Vurey Level 1 Level 1
    You were lucky to get 17 minutes out of it.

    For about a month I've been running 10.6.2 on my 2007 20" C2D iMac, absolutely flawlessly. No hard freezes, crashes or anything. It's been a joy to use.

    Within 10 seconds of booting into 10.6.6 I noticed artifacts on screen and within 30 seconds the screen froze. I didn't even get to open the Mac App Store.

    I'm currently downgrading back to 10.6.2. Yes, I'll report it to Apple, but this is a disgrace. Why should I be stuck at 10.6.2? What the **** happened at 10.6.3 and above to cause such problems?

    I can live with my machine for now, but I'm worried whether this is going to continue into 10.7
  • Eliam Level 1 Level 1
    Hi all,

    Similar thing happened to me as well, but it "ended" differently, & it makes me believe its a hardware problem/defect. For those who are still under warranty/have AppleCare, you should really take a video of the flickering/freeze when it happens, & then take it to Apple before it's too late.

    The screen started flickering & froze up on me for the first time 2 weeks ago, even though I had been running 10.6.3 since May, 2010. Like some of you, I could move the cursor but everything else was frozen, couldn't click on anything. I did a hard restart & it worked fine for a week & a half. Mind you, I don't shut down my computer & I have had it since July 08.

    Then it happened again a few days ago. I restarted again & it worked fine again.

    Then this afternoon it happened for the third time. This time, the screen was stuck at boot up, with the grey Apple logo & the "circular spinning progress graphic" frozen.

    Note that I said the screen was frozen, not the computer, because I have Google Notifier installed, & about 15 seconds after the screen froze (when the progress dial stopped moving), the Mac played the alert sound that Google Notifier normally play after it's opened after the Finder is loaded.

    So that tells me that the hard drive works fine, & it's either the screen or the graphic card that's not working, itself broken (hardware defect) or conflict w/ the system (software bug). But I'm suspecting it's a hardware issue more than anything else, because…

    This time a hard restart didn't fix the problem. In fact, it won't boot up anymore. I get the "You need to restart your computer…"-screen. I've tried booting up with the Snow Leopard disc, TechTool Pro disc, & the original system disc & the same screen came up.

    I've tried resetting the PRAM & confirmed the RAM cards & slots are working fine.

    I'll bring it to the Apple Store tomorrow, since I still have AppleCare. I'll sure let you all know what they did when I get it back in a few days.

    Last year I had to bring the same computer in to have the screen replace because of subtle dark blotches/smudges on the screen, and now this… It makes me wonder what happened to quality control @ Apple's factories.
  • morpho Level 1 Level 1
    It would be a hardware related problem if all people in this thread had the same machine model and the same GPU, but we're getting the same behaviour (WindowServer stuck and/or panics) with different GPU models (even made by different GPU vendors ).

    You should try to boot the system in verbose mode (hold down Cmd-V right after the startup chime), see if there is any unusual error message right before the kernel panics and then write down the panic message, especially the panic reason, the register dump and the kernel stacktrace.

    If it says something like "page fault in kernel mode" you should definitely post a bug report on
  • spjohnston Level 1 Level 1
    Firstly hello to everyone. This is my first post and I just wanted to give some details of my experience with similar issues.

    I've had my iMac since 2008, around 2.5yrs and up until about 2 days ago it was running fairly consistently across both Snow Leopard and my Bootcamp Windows 7. However I got a freeze on the windows side after some artefacts appeared on the screen and then when I booted again things cleared up. This gradually got worse until I was completely unable to get to either desktop "visually". I say visually because I could hear the windows side boot up and I could even login using the keyboard, I just could see it on the screen. On the iMac the screen would stay on the boot screen but have multiple thick grey bars running vertically down the screen.

    I called Apple regarding the issue and I was emailed instructions on how to reset smc and pram ect ect. I tried all of these and at one stage I actually managed to get into my machine through OSX. This gave me a chance to back everything up that I wanted to keep.

    I took this opportunity to do a fresh install of OSX Snow Leopard and Windows 7, however this time I didn't use Bootcamp for the Windows side. I quickly ran into issues with drivers for the mouse and keyboard ect and resorted to installing bootcamp files manually using some guides online. I thought this had fixed my problem until I got artefacts and freezing again. This time I was completely screwed and couldn't get into anything at all.

    Again the strange part was, that I could boot into both OS's but just not see anything at all. I then had the witty idea to install Snow Leopard onto my external HD and see if that would bypass all the other stuff, in case it was a corrupted piece of software on the original main installs. Again I had the same issue, it would seem to boot up but nothing showing on screen except the corrupted grey boot screen for Apple. I even tried to use my install disks but all I got was a screen with a big power button graphic telling me to reboot, I assume this is a kernal panic or something.

    I managed to install an iPad app that would allow me to remotely connect to my desktop so I could see if it was really just a display issue and right enough I could log into it and see my desktop. Everything was working but except it just wasn't showing on screen.

    So back on the phone again to Apple today really annoyed about my issue as it's a relatively young machine and this is the worst issues I have ever had with any machine. I also don't have Apple care and I'm not at all happy to thinking that I might need to pay a small fortune for repairs, that seemingly don't even fix a lot of peoples issues, or having to buy a completely new machine and just accept that it's £1200 down the pan.

    Not happy with the above I decided this time I would completely erase my main iMac HD, using the zero security option where it re-writes the drive with 0's. Took ages but when I eventually re-installed Snow Leopard onto this fresh drive with nothing else, no bootcamp ect, it seemed to work flawlessly. Or so it seemed. After doing all the updates via Apple update, I booted into my iMac using my external HD that I had installed a fresh instal of Snow Leopard onto earlier and got a freeze.

    It seems to me, like a lot of other people are mentioning, that before the update everything is working fine, but after, it seems to mess something up. On that basis I'm now erasing my main drive again with the security set to write all 0's and going to do a fresh install of Snow Leopard, this time I won't be updating. So I will effectively have my main iMac on Snow Leopard with no updates and on my external drive with the updates. This way I can see if there is any difference. If it only crashes on the updates software then it's going to be pretty clear where the issue is coming from.

    I'll try update tomorrow with results. I would recommend everyone who has any issues to turn on remote desktop management to allow you to connect remotely from another PC. This was invaluable to me to get my stuff of the machine and to do re-installs ect when the main iMac display seemed messed up.
  • RangerB Level 1 Level 1
    Yep, My problem began after upgrading to Snow Leopard and Illistrator CS5 over two month ago. It is a random freeze problem where the screen freezes but the pointer or the spinning ball still moves with the mouse. The keyboard is dead but you can hear the computer working in the background. Sometimes the screen just freezes, sometimes it turns black, sometimes it turns white and sometimes it is black and white lines with little black and white dots and sometimes it is fuzzy color. I have seen many different screen patterns all with the result of having to turn the computer off with the power button and then back on. I have not been able to intentionally make the screen freeze although it does seems to happen more often when scrolling looking for a file. It doesn't seem to happen when any particular program is running. I have had it freeze with nothing more that the hard drive file open. I had it freeze once when I had TechTool Pro 5 running. I have ran TechTool Pro 5, DiskWarrior, Apple Hardware Test, Disk Utility, Onyx, Snow Leopard Cache Cleaner, Unix fsck and used smcFanControl to speed up the fans. They all say the computer is OK. I have done all the usual checks of zapping the PRAM, cleaning the caches, turning off the SMS, removing temp files, deleting Finder preference files, resetting the SMC, running all maintenance scripts, cleaning out my Font file, repairing Permissions, removing old files and apps and any other “fixes” I could find on the OSX blogs. I took it to my local Genius Bar twice and they could not find anything. I run Software Update daily and scripts weekly and I just installed current updates of Adobe Flash and Reader and increased the fan speeds because I read where it could be an over heating of the video card that is too close to the CPU. I have read hundreds of blogs and tried a lot of the suggestions and it still freezes.
  • KrzysiuTurek Level 1 Level 1
    I think I'm solved the problem. By the 'solved' i mean the main reason, not the temporary solution. First I would like to give you some information that may be helpful:

    1. My iMac is: iMac8,1 with gpu ATI Radeon HD 2600 Pro;
    2. You must have to installed mac osx 10.6.2 update (not newer) ;
    3. This is very risky solution, so please create backup;

    As you now the problem it's only caused by the software - probably the gpu driver. In osx the gpu drivers is in kext files, placed in /System/Library/Extensions. Here is steps that I made to restore old drivers from 10.6.2 to 10.6.6:

    1. On the 10.6.2. system make backup of /System/Library/Extensions (pendrive or external drive is the best place);
    2. Download the "Kext Helper Tool" from
    3. Run the 10.6.6 update;
    4. After reboot run the "kext helper tool".
    5. Drag and drop to the Helper those files:


    6. Type password and click Easy Install.
    7. Reboot.

    By doing this we insert to the system the driver in the older (good) version 1.6.6 - the newest version is 1.6.26.
    Several explanations to the Nvidia GPU users: in my system there are no kext files named nvidia or similar, so i can't tell you wich you must restore.
    When apple give us the the 10.6.7 update probably you must have to restore old drivers again.

    My system is worked fine from three days, without smc fan control and similiar tools. The "only" risk is that your system will not boot up.

    Sorry for my English, i write to you with google translate
    Regards from Poland
  • B. Hurt Level 1 Level 1
    WOW!! Google Translate did a great job on this! I know phd's that don't write this well.
  • morpho Level 1 Level 1
    This is an extremely dangerous solution and I won't recommend it to anyone.
    But if you managed to stop the system from glitching/crashing, then you should definitely file a bugreport to Apple.

    Keep us informed
  • Vurey Level 1 Level 1
    To think this could all be caused by a bad set of drivers. I thought that's what PCs were for! (snark, snark). It seems so obvious, now that you mention it!

    I have an iMac 7,1 (Mid 2007) with an ATI Radeon 2400, so I substituted ATI2400Controller.kext located in my extensions folder.

    The setup ran as expected (with an obligatory screen freeze after the initial reboot). However, once I installed those three drivers using kext utility, I appear to be left with a functioning iMac (with App Store, hurrah!)

    I'll give it a few days of use before I break out the champagne, but if this works as advertised then I owe you a beer KrzysiuTurek.

    All I can say is that as long as you have appropriate backups, install Discs and your iMac isn't mission critical, then it might just be worth giving this a go if you feel fed up with 10.6.2

    Anyway, I'll report back in a few days if all is still working as it should.

    Thanks again for the suggestion. Now I'm off to look around the Mac App Store!
  • KrzysiuTurek Level 1 Level 1
    @B. Hurt - thanks

    @morpho - ok I will send immediately.
  • yogidig Level 1 Level 1
    Hi excellent news.. I'll try your solution over the weekend ... If someone else have the time to try it.. please keep us posted.

    Best regards,
  • Eminemdrdre00 Level 1 Level 1
    I'm going to give this a try right now. I'll report back if it fails, or later this weekend if I run smoothly on 10.6.6. Thanks for the suggestion KrzysiuTurek!
  • KrzysiuTurek Level 1 Level 1
    I have some aditional information:

    I made this picture several weeks ago when Apple give us a 10.6.5 update. I could not make a screenshot with because on screenshot everything was ok. Another thing is that when I move the Safari, everything was randomly back to normal.

    I belive that only one of three files is corrupt and it probably is ATIframebuffer.kext. So if anyone can restore files individually, he can also help us.
  • Eminemdrdre00 Level 1 Level 1
    Was this before or after the solution you posted?
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