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  • CWGuide Level 1 Level 1
    *Ok here are the steps I took:*

    1. *MAKE A BACKUP!* (super important) I used Time Machine and it saved my butt as I did it wrong the first time and basically killed my iMac till I restored from my external backup drive.

    2. Download and open the .zip file of the old (10.6.2) graphics drivers. (provided by KrzysiuTurek)
    The downloaded drivers

    3. Download Kext Helper b7.
    Kext Helper b7

    4. Go to *+Apple Menu>About This Mac>More Info...>Graphics/Display+* and find your graphics card's model. (In my case the ATI,RadeonHD2400)
    About This Mac Find your cards model

    5. Take ONLY the files titled ATIFramebuffer.kext, ATISupport.kext, and ATI2400Controller.kext *(IF YOU HAVE A DIFFERENT GENERATION OF CARD THEN SELECT THE FILE WITH YOUR CARD'S NUMBER)* and put them on your desktop.
    The three files

    6. Open Kext Helper and drag the three files into the top drop spot.
    Files ready

    7. Enter your password in the text entry field.
    Pasword entered

    9. Click *EASY INSTALL*.

    The app will do it's thing then ask you to restart the mac. After that it should be smooth sailing (no more freezing )

    Hope this guide helps! (Also pretty much the same thing has already been posted by KrzysiuTurek. All credit for this fix goes to him (or her) as I only followed his directions)
    *PS: This walkthrough has the Jordan Seal Of Approval:*

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  • clmwxx Level 1 Level 1
    I know how frustrated it is to have system freeze that can happen any time. It also causes me direct cash loss.

    Anyway, back to the basic, I think the logical steps to diagnose/solve the case is:

    1. Do a AHT (Apple Hareware Test) and see if there is any error code. if you have the code starts with 4MOT... it may be a fan problem. (I found this on other forum and I think this makes sense.)
    2. Do a clean install. Backup your data. Erase your disk and do a clean install. My AppleCare tells that 90% of time this can solve the problem.
    3. If it still freeze, you should take your computer to Apple Service. Don't waste your time to diagnose the issue. We are not working for Apple anyway.

    Hope this helps.
  • Mac Level 1 Level 1
    I followed your very well laid out steps and everything went smoothly first time around, so here's to no more crashes or freezing!

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  • mediaguru2 Level 1 Level 1
    Nicely laid out instructions.
  • Simon Baker Level 1 Level 1
    Well, thanks to our wonderful Polish friend - I am now running over 30 days without a reboot. Many thanks once again.

    …and I was just browsing my logs when I came across the last Apple Hardware Test log indicating what I believe is the Hard Disk Drive overspeed at 1300+ revs:

    Apple Hardware Test:

    Last Run: 16/01/4011 16:48
    Version: 3A152
    Test Suite: Quick Test
    Result: Failed
    Failure Code: 4MOT/1/40000003: HDD-1330

    ... so it looks like my iMac will happily run for 2000 years now, despite the 4MOT! Now that's a cosmic change to reliability thanks to this thread! Just hope the great great great (etc) grandkids and the museums appreciate it…
  • Mac Level 1 Level 1
    I can also confirm that everything's okay at my end, so a big *Thank You* from me too..
  • cat5557 Level 1 Level 1

    Many thanks for these great instructions. Could I just clarify
    if you had to roll back the OS to 10.6.2 at anytime or just install
    when you were already on 10.6.6?

  • CWGuide Level 1 Level 1
    Since KrzysiuTurek uploaded the 10.6.2 graphics drivers there should be no reason to have to roll back your system. I didn't.
  • cat5557 Level 1 Level 1
    Brill. That makes the process a whole lot quicker and far less painfull!

    Thanks for getting back so promptly.

    Have a good one.
  • ThiagoNaves Level 1 Level 1
    I was having the freezing problem too....
    I was getting these freezes like every 10 or so minutes >.<
    But after a few seconds everything went back to normal.

    This startes just after installing the 10.6.6 update >_>
    10.6.5 was running just fine...

    How I've solved it:
    Replacing the ATI drivers with the ones from 10.6.5 seemed to do some improvements, but the problem was still there...then I replaced the AppleGraphicsControl.kext

    Didn't solve the problem ether...then I noticed that most of the times I got these freezes I was at I download the flash player from Adobe's site and after installing the problem seems to be fixed.

    Not sure if the kexts did help or not, but it seems to be solved =)
  • Vurey Level 1 Level 1
    FYI: I've been playing around with the 10.7 Lion preview and the bug doesn't seem to be there anymore (installed on a separate partition to be safe).

    It's a nice OS BTW, all full-screen and gesture-y and what not
  • Simon Judd Level 1 Level 1
    Hi everyone,

    I've been having this same issue, but as I am still under my Apple Care Protection I sent it off to them.
    They weren't able to replicate the problem but they did find over 160 faults on my hard drive ... none of which came up with any of the tests I had done.

    When I spoke to them about it I asked them about the Kext files and they told me that as I had done a complete re-install of my system that they won't be the problem ... so that's why they took it in.

    Anyway, they are replacing the hard drive and sending it back ... if I keep getting the crashes though, I will let you all know

    Just wanted to tell all what Apple (or Amsys who did the repair) have put the error down to. We'll see how it goes.
  • Mark Quarmby Level 1 Level 1
    Similar situation here. As I reported some time back, I took mine in under Apple Care (I still had a few weeks left!) and they found faults with the hard disc. Mine had got to the stage where it had frozen one too many times and I could no longer thaw it out - thus I could not restart it. The Apple technician said he knew of many cases with this model so I wonder if it was a faulty hard disc used with the kext files being the last straw. I have had my computer home and running 24/7 for over a month now and have had no problems at all. They also did a complete re-install and then restored my files from my Time Machine.
  • GiovanniB Level 1 Level 1
    I had the same issue here with the MacBook Pro 3,1 2.2 GHz. Intermittent freezes since updating to 10.6.5 (went to 10.6.5 from 10.5.8): There was mostly a small "flash" or flicker on the screen, then windows weren't updating anymore and the system ceased to respond, i.e. no response to mouse clicks or key inputs, cursor froze usually after some delay, sometimes the spinning beachball appeared and not even Cmd-Ctrl-Power worked anymore. Itunes usually continued to play for some minutes. I mostly forced shutdown after some minutes. Usually this happened when the GPU was under somehow heavy load from Flash or from Aperture.

    Because the MBP 3,1 has an NVidia GPU I was out of luck with the immediate fix described above. Anyway, it seems to be fixed since I installed the Safari 5.0.4 update yesterday, at which time I also removed old Kernel Extensions left from Parallels 3 (I switched to VirtualBox meanwhile). I also removed the "LaCie Shorcut Button" Kernel Extension. No further crash has occurred although I heavily used Aperture afterwards, and Aperture also seems to be a lot more responsive since these maintenance procedures.

    The (manual!) deinstallation procedure for the Parallels Kexts is described at for Parallels 3, which also contains links to similar docs for other versions.

    Not sure if the Safari 5.0.4 update alone fixed this, or if the old Parallels Kernel Extensions were part of the cause.


  • E85MAC Level 1 Level 1
    @Vurey.... I just DL the 10.7 Lion Preview as well... Any update have you experienced any freezing when running Lion?
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