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I am a Windows user right now but i really want a mac. They are really expensive and My friend had told me about the ibook. I found one on amazon for $190 so i thought it was a good price. The software was Mac OS 10, an old version. What I want to know is Can i buy the Mac OS 10.6 Snow leopard to upgrade? i dont want to buy it and waste $27 for it not to work . Also, It comes with Iwork 06' and can i Upgrade to iwork 08'? (the 09' is to expensive..the o8' is like 60 bucks cheaper on amazon :]) Thank you. and please Reply ASAP!!!!!

ibook g3, Mac OS X (10.0.x), Upgrade OS
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    Can i buy the Mac OS 10.6 Snow leopard to upgrade?

    No. The newest OS is 10.4.11 for an iBook G3 and 10.5.8 for an iBook G4. Mac OS X 10.5 will run on an 800MHz iBook G4 but can't be installed in the normal way.

    can i Upgrade to iwork 08'?

    If it's a G4, yes. If it's a G3, click here for information.

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    I have a '08 13" macbook.
    I have one daughter who wants a macbook for birthday next month.

    I found one on ebay that states:
    Item specifics - Apple Laptops
    Condition: Refurbished Processor Type: PowerPC G3
    Product Family: iBook Processor Speed (per Core): 800 MHz
    Screen Size: 12 inch Processor Configuration: Single Core
    Operating System: Mac OS X 10.4, Tiger Memory (RAM): 256 MB
    Primary Drive: CD-ROM Hard Drive Capacity: 30 GB

    Was this a good buy? Does anyone know if I need to upgrade from Tiger for her to use the internet wirelessly?

    I am SCARED I bought something not helpful for her

    ANY feedback would be great either here or preferably to email:

    Those who have experience, is this a good first macbook for a tweenager? (her first computer). The kids are used to Windows based OS but I LOVE LOVE my MAC.
    I really need reassurance and someone with patience to tell me what to be careful about, etc.
    Our wireless system in house is Linksys with routers (thru comcast). ((was this a good deal???))

    I REALLY AND TRULY appreciate the patience of those who respond. Bless you.
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    How would we know whether this was a good buy if you don't tell us how much you paid for it?

    Could you post the eBay link to it here for evaluation?

    I have one daughter who wants a macbook for birthday next month.

    It looks like you've bought an 800 MHz iBook G3 (Dual USB), not a MacBook. If this is an iBook G3 (as the specifications would suggest), you will not be able to upgrade it past Tiger (Mac OS X 10.4). The G3 processor will not be compatible with any further versions of the OS.

    This iBook does not automatically have wireless capability. Unless the eBay listing specifies that it already has an AirPort card installed, you will probably have to add an original AirPort Card in order for it to have wireless functionality.

    There are two versions of the 12-inch 800 MHz G3 iBook, one with a CD-ROM drive (reads CD-ROMs, but no DVD capability) and one with a Combo drive (reads and writes CDs and reads DVDs).

    http://www.everymac.com/systems/apple/ibook/stats/ibook8002.html (discontinued 10/22/03)

    http://www.everymac.com/systems/apple/ibook/stats/ibook_800.html (discontinued 4/22/03)

    You will probably need to upgrade the RAM to the maximum 640 MB of RAM with a 512 MB RAM module.

    If your daughter wants to watch YouTube videos on the iBook, she is likely to be disappointed because this old model iBook doesn't stream video very well. This iBook was discontinued a couple of years before YouTube existed.

    I hope this has helped.
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    The G3 iBooks are getting very old and they have many limitations. Personally, I'd recommend spending the extra 2-300 bucks and get a G4 iBook and even look for an older PowerBook. A great place to get an idea of prices is PowerMax computers. They have possibly the most extensive range of refurbished Macs on the net and they are guaranteed. I would not buy any electronics from eBay, especially secondhand stuff. You have no comebacks if you get stiffed with a lemon. Have a look on You Tube for testimonials of people who have parted with their cash to buy bricks. Sadly, there are too many.

    PowerMax - http://www.powermax.com/
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    I have successfully bought four iBooks and two MacBooks from eBay, but you have to be very careful and really know what you're doing. (I got a bad iBook G4 once, but it was my own fault; I was too confident in my knowledge, and bought one that I shouldn't have. The seller was totally honest; I was totally stupid.)

    The first rule is never buy one that doesn't include the original system discs (Install and Restore) that came with the iBook when it was new. If the OS has been upgraded over the original OS, look for that newer operating system software disc(s) to be included in your purchase, also.

    The last three I bought had AppleCare remaining on them (always a very good idea, and an indication that the iBook has not been stolen). I usually e-mail the seller and ask, "Why are you selling your Mac?" if the reason isn't stated in the auction.

    Of course, look for good feedback for the seller. If they've been an eBay user for a year or two, that's good, too. If they have a bunch of Macs listed for sale, beware. They may have come from a school auction or sale. I would never buy an iBook that came from a school (due to hard usage by kids). As a matter of fact, these days, I wouldn't buy an iBook at all; I'd hold out for a MacBook. Macs that come from a school setting rarely have the install discs included in the sale.

    eBay can be a good source for used Macs. You can find someone who always wants the newest model, and is selling a previous one for a lot less than you would pay for new. But it's easy to get stung, too. It's better to come here and ask about it before you buy, not afterward.
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    Or there's one other case-like me, you're a beginning computer tech student looking for cheap victims to experiment upon as you learn. You still have to be very careful, but then you get the freedom to do strange things without worrying about breaking your main machine.

    I've also been lucky so far, and I admit it; the worst I've gotten to date is slow shipping and an iBook that smells disturbingly like a burrito.