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I tried to sync my iphone to itunes when I did I got a error message (unknown error 48). I unpluged my phone and re-connected it. That's when all the fun happened. Itunes deleted everything off my phone. I've tried everything to get all my stuff back on there. It gave me the options of restoring or setting up as new. I tried to restore but it through another error and wouldn't work. Now with all my messing around trying to fix it, I think it has set it up as a new phone, but it still won't sync any of my music or apps. My phone doesn't work anymore. I mean I can make calls, but that's it. it will not sync with my computer at all any more.

When my phone was last plugged into my computer, I look in my Computer and didn't see my phone listed. Normally the phone shows up under my Computer but not now.

For a while I think it was trying to sync, It started uploading all my apps, but than said it didn't have any space for my music. It was only recognizing 4 of my 8 GB of storage. That's over now, it no longer tries to install my apps and it sees all 8 GB of storage, but I still can sync with anything on my computer.

If anyone has any ideas of how I can fix this please let me know. I use my phone for a new business I'm trying to start up and I no longer have my contacts or calendar on my phone, and all my messages are now gone. Please HELP!

windows 7, iPhone OS 3.1.3