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My imac has ben slowing down alot. I bought a Lacie disk external hard drive to give my self more Memory but its still being slow. Whats the best way to clean/speed up my mac?

Mac OS X (10.3.9)
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    The first thing I'd check is:

    1. How much free disk space do you have?
    2. Are you using any third party addon software that might need system level access?
    3. How much RAM do you have?
    4. What iMac model do you have?
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    Memory is different than disk space. Generally, memory refers to the amount of RAM you have installed. Typically, installing more RAM in a computer will help it to speed up.

    It's also important to have free disk space on your hard drive. If the hard drive is completely full, you will have poorer performance.

    Using disk utility, you should repair disk permission often to help keep your computer running properly.

    There are scripts that run over night. If you do not keep your computer on over night, then you might want to run a program like MacJanitor or Onyx. I run Onyx once or twice a month even though I generally have my computer on all of the time.
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    I agree that using those utilities can speed things up, but you have to use them properly, and only when you know the function in that utility will actually affect speed. There are many culprits for speed slowdown, which is why it is first good to get the system information.