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howdy y'all,

my setup ...
os = win xp pro, sp3, current patches installed
itunes =

the original update was thru the apple software updater. after the error showed up on 1st start of itunes, i ...
= rebooted the system = no fixee
= uninstalled itunes, rebooted, reinstalled itunes, rebooted = no fixee

since i updated to 9.1 i get the following errors at itunes startup ...
[1] visual c++ runtime error r6034

after i hit ok for item [1] i get ...
[2] itunes cannot sync information ..SNIP.. because syncing has been disabled on this computer. do you want to enable syncing?
if you do not enable ..SNIP.. to your ipod.

after i hit yes for item [2] i get ...
[3] itunes was unable to load provider data from sync services. reconnect or try again later.

after i hit ok for item [3] itunes runs.

the itouch shows up in the left panel "devices" list and is selectable. pressing the sync button on the itouch summary page triggers TWO dialogs of item [1]! hitting ok on them lets the sync go forward. i presume the only actual sync going on is the music. the sync finishes with no errors and says "ipod sync is complete. ok to disconnect."

i haven't tested to get confirmation that anything is being synced so it might just be going thru the motions.

item [1] is listed on the ms site here ...

it says the error is caused by a missing "manifest" and the fix is to rebuild the app with a proper one.

links to the 3 error msg screen captures ...

otherwise, itunes runs in its usual slothful [on windows] and crash-prone [on windows] manner.

help, please?

take care,

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homebrew, Windows XP Pro
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