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Over the past couple of weeks, several times a day, when I am using my iPhone - normally an app, but sometimes declining a call, I can tell the app (or phone) sort of stalls and then immediately all of my bars disappear and I totally lose me signal. Then it says "Searching..." in the upper left-hand corner and maybe after 1 or 2 minutes, it picks up the signal again.

This is getting annoying. I am quite sure it is not a network problem since no one else on the area is experiencing the same thing. It happens on multiple apps, so my guess it is with the phone. I really do not think it is with the SIM card...

Any one have the same problem? I've looked online for posts about similar problems and have found nothing.

3Gs, iPhone OS 3.1.3
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    Funny - I have had the same thing for about a week and you are right there doesn't seem to be any answers online (when any other problems I have had have been fixed by googling a solution!). I've reset my network, turned on and off airplane, 3G Wi-Fi, had a new Sim card installed, done a full restore and backup and no improvement. I am also noticing a mild slow down of all apps. Am off to Apple tomorrow and am expecting the phone to need repair or replacement. I've had mine for almost a year with zero issues so hope they will fix it under warranty.
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    Actually, what's probably happened is the signal dropped, the phone is having trouble dealing with it, eventually gives up and then updates the signal icon to show it's dropped.

    It's common in networking that apps don't handle certain types of networking problems well or rely on the network layer which may be too aggressive in re-trying before telling the calling app there's a problem. This is tricky stuff whether a computer plugged into a network jack or Wi-Fi or cell tower.

    If it happens to you everywhere then drop by Apple but it might just be happening in certain areas due to a cell tower problem.
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    Finally someone has the same issue as I have. Mine is happening when I hang up from a call, or a call is dropped/disconnected, etc. I have went to AT&T and of course they send me to Apple, Apple sends me back to AT&T for a new sim card and what not. Let me know what you have ended up doing, or if you got a new phone. I have 2 months left on my warranty and will be trying for a new phone at least to rule that out.