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ninja_pimp Level 1 Level 1
i just bought an Ipad and i wish to sync my books i have. i have like 2gb worth of PDF files and would like to uplaod them to the ipad to read them
but i can't figure out, how does one sync or upload PDF files to the ipad. can anyone help?

Intel i7Core 965, Windows 7
  • Mack Palm Springs Level 1 Level 1
    Mac OS X

    Search in iTunes application store for the string:

    pdf reader ipad

    There are eight iPad applications listed (at least for me at this time).

    My friend and I figured out how to use "PDF Reader Pro Edition for iPad" so he can read his PDF documents (154 pages for one). He has continuous scrolling - so he can read his school books.

    So - we had success. But you have to select an app. We did not try the other applications. So I cannot make a recommendation about them.

    The good news is: We can get it to work!
  • golf and fly Level 1 Level 1
    I don't understand why I have to buy another application to just read a PDF document. I think the apple app PREVIEW should be included with the iPad. It's a good PDF reader, I can make comments, highlight things I need to, and save again. I can understand why it's not included as part of the iphone, but isn't what the IiPAD was designed for - reading. Apple, please make PREVIEW app for the iPAD. The 3d party apps are very limited.
  • ninja_pimp Level 1 Level 1
    i went to the app store and paid for an app called Goodreader which is enchanced for ipad and works real good.
    what i do i put all my PDF books on my server, host it via a webserver, i run IIS7. I use safari to point to it, then enter a letter 'g' to beginning of url which launches goodreader and it downloads it.

    so there is no actual way to sync PDF files, you have to trick it by using an app from the app store to download them.

    i guess apple wants you to pay for everything even though you might already have some.

    they make it so you can sync your own music, but you can't sync your own PDF books and such even if you do convert it with calibre theres still no way to sync the epub file.
  • Akiba Level 1 Level 1
    Upload PDF to Ipad

    1. Install iBook from Apple Store (It is free)
    2. Send pdf as attachment to you Ipad accessible e-mail
    3. Open your e-mail and when you want to open the attached filet, tap it for a bit long until read in IBook menu appear.
    4. PDF will save on your library rack
    5. Enjoy....