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  • JP-iPad-MacBook Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    About 3 months ago, while still under iOS 3, my signal dropped to the point that connections were impossible over 15 feet. Even 2 ft. from an AirportExpress running 802.11n 2GHz I did not receive full signal strength. 5GHz did not provide a better signal strength, plus I have 5GHz phones.

    The upgrade to ios4 did not improve or worsen the problem.

    A visit to the Genius Bar resulted in a swap out of my iPad HARDWARE - my WiFi now gives me about 2/3d of the range I obtain on my MacBook Pro with acceptable signal strength. I am posting here so that others know that the iPad hardware can be defective. In my case the unit behaved as if the antenna was unplugged.

    The Genius Bar saw 5-6 WIFI choices on their unit while my unit only showed 1 network. After restoring the iPad to eliminate any software issue - the unit was exchanged.
  • RichardHoward Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    Constantly getting message on ipad that not connected to Internet when there is no obvious reason why not. Restarting sometimes solves problem disconnecting and reconnecting WiFi sometimes helps. Annoying, time consuming, and irritating. Why do there seem to be so many software problems with Apple products. I have endless minor problems with iPhone too that are common to other users but no obvious attempt to help from Apple. Very disillusioned.
  • billeeee Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)
    I've been thru two iPads and three operating systems. After trying every fix I could find on the internet and talking to an Apple Genius, I still have slow internet speed. Here are my findings/conclusions:

    1) Going back to OS 3.2 solved my drop-out problem.

    2) The iPad WiFi reception is weak. I can detect several of my neighbor's routers using my laptop. Both iPads didn't pick up any.

    3) My reception slows way down whenever the signal strength drops below -55 dB (borderline between two and three bars on the iPad). My other devices have no problem delivering 10 Mbs at that signal level.

    4) I have no problems in high signal strength areas which may explain why some people don't have problems.

    5) The iPad also seems overly sensitive to other routers on the same channel even though their signals are at least 30 dB below my router. My other devices do not have that problem.
  • Yadilloh Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    iPhone 4 on OS 4.2 gives poor wifi operation. Windows laptop can access any of three wireless networks from three rooms away. iPhone 4 can't get signal from the same room sometimes (I am currently sat 5 yards from the wireless access point in direct line of sight with no obstructions and iPhone is reporting 1 bar). iPhone 3Gs seems to perform slightly better. iPod touch is better still but also still a lot worse than the laptop. Out of interest I have turned Bluetooth off on the iPhone and left on on the iTouch to see if it made any difference. It didn't. I can't be sure but this issue seems to have become worse since going to 4.2 of the OS.
  • Barnesaj Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    My wifi signal on my iPad 16mb wifi only continues to look for a connection, even when I am sitting right next to the wireless router. I get on my laptop and the wireless signal is working just fine.
  • Los Angeles Level 2 Level 2 (455 points)
    I'm sitting here 12feet from our main Airport base station with my MacbookPro, an iphone4, an iphone3G and my kid's ipod touch - all with full bars and a zippy connection to our airport wireless network. Even the old Mac tower at the other end of the house is connected.

    Then there's the---> The Brand New iPad: Barely any signal, webpages barely crawl along, fail to load. I've stopped using it to check email altogether. Frequent disconnection always followed by a refusal to accept the network password - Then the dance of resetting the iPad network settings, turning on/off the ipad, resetting, on/off Airplane mode, taking all the other wireless users offline, making sure the Wii is disconnected, brightness setting(!!), proxy settings, all the little tricks and tips the Mac community can dispense, etc, etc, etc.

    My kid's ipod touch and our old Mac Tower get better internet reception. Pitiful.

    Where is the fix? Or is this a hardware issue like the one we paid good money to purchase with our iPhone4? Did a bunch of us just purchase another Apple hardware failure?
  • gael kite Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    I just got an ipad for christmas. wifi was perfectly stable and strong with original ios 3.2 and neatgear dg 384pn.
    I upgraded ipad to 4.2 and i also noticed very weak wifi signal.
    Having tried every possible fix and be unsuccessfull, i bought a new netgear modem router. Now everything is back again and ok.
    Right now, the only solution is to change your modem/router or to wait for a new os.
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    I got a new 4th Gen. iPod touch for Christmas with 4.2.1 firmware. The wifi signal seems to get very weak when I'm holding the iPod sideways and my hand covers the top left corner of the device. Anyone else having this problem?
  • Tquick Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    New iPad I'm returning this tomorrow the wifi is just straight up a joke. 1 room away drops to 2 bars and has a worse connection than my first pc with dial up. Tried 3 different routers, tried g,n same. Tried it at work same. Should have listened to my co workers they have had problems since day one.
  • Tquick Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    Ok got it to work. On router changed it broadcast in g and set the channel to 2. Tried this on 2 different routers with 2 different location and it works. Now this is good if at home at work. But there is no way I can change this at hotspot. I'm going to assume that the broadcast of different signals chokes up the iPad? Maybe the iPad has a power save that shuts the wireless off to conserve power and it's not smart enough to connect when router is multiple frequency. APPLE YOU NEED TO FIX THIS!!!!!!
  • GQ Johnny West Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    Hey Everyone!

    I recently picked up an iPad and encountered the slow WiFi issue (though not the weak signal) on my home network. I managed to remedy this by going through my router's settings and re-enabling FrameBurst in the advanced WiFi settings. I used to have this enabled by default, but I guess it got turned off over time (and firmware updates).

    *Enabling FrameBurst fixed everything* and brought the WiFi back up to at least triple what it was!

    FYI: I have a Linksys WRT54G running the latest firmware in a WPA2 encrypted environment. Also, I run in mixed mode (B & G) on Channel 1 (a manual setting to avoid conflicting networks sharing channels 6 & 11).

    I saw that this thread had no real solutions, so I wanted to help!
  • RollSeven Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    I purchased the iPad 2 64GB with 3G. I use a 1TB Time Capsule Router that gives me excellent reception on all my wireless devices….EXCEPT my iPad 2. I'll get 20 mbps if I'm within 5 feet of my router, but once I move to the next room or about 40 feet away, I only get about 2 mbps on my iPad 2.

    At first I thought it was my comcast cable modem or my Time Capsule router. After much troubleshooting, I've determined the problem lies with the iPad 2 WiFi. I'm hoping this is a software issue. I just downloaded the iOS 4.3.1 update for iPad, so I'm hoping it includes a solution to the very weak WiFi I'm receiving on my new $888.00 iPad! I'll be very disappointed if I have to be within 10 feet of my home router in order to take advantage of the $60.00 I pay for 25 mbps each month. I seriously hope this is a software issue and not a hardware issue.

    Anyone else experiencing this problem like so many of us seem to be?
  • DMaz481 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    I also have a weak signal on my iPad 2. My entire network was upgraded with all new equipment less than a month ago. My iPad 1 had great reception and was always at full bar. Every other system that I have connected to the network Is running at Full connection. The iPad 2 signal constantly fluctuates from full bar down to the second. Its pretty disappointing considering I just spend almost 900 for this IPad 2. I hope apple sends out and update soon to correct this problem. Any ideas on how i can fix this?
  • Deanag Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    Having WiFi signal strength issues with iPad 2. 64 gig WiFi + 3G. Signal on 2.4 and 5 gig network varies from no connection to full strength. Router etc is not the issue as I have no WiFi problems on my original IPad. Range is far greater on original iPad and signal strength does not vary whilst sitting in the same spot. iPad 2 is only a few days old and firmware is io to date.
  • tdbc Level 1 Level 1 (115 points)
    The iPad2 has terrible reception!!! I have both first and second generation AT&T 3G + wifi. The iPad 2 is lucky to have 1 bar signal strength 15-20 feet from the router!!! The iPad1 has great signal strength even up to 50 ft.away. The iPad 2 definitly has reception problems!!! Get with it Apple. That is not magical...It is a bad joke for a device that cost over $800
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