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  • rickfromlake elsinore Level 1 (0 points)

    I agree. My iPad 2 is 75 feet away and fluctuates from 1 to 2 bars. My 2006 MBP has full bars. I lose everything if I go into the back yard while my MBP still has 3 bars. I have the Belkin n900 play N router. Everything is updated on the ipad2. Any fixes?

  • chrisefaw Level 1 (0 points)

    Purchased an iPad 2 64gb 3g and wi-fi is very weak.  I upgraded my Time Warner Cable internet to their wideband 30/5 speed and my Dell laptop gets 25/4 at the other end of the house.  My iPad 2 gets 6/3 at the most.  I have an Airport Extreme router dishing out the signal.  Unacceptable that these Apple products can't talk to each other any better and allow me to take advantage of what I'm paying Time Warner.

  • felbuen Level 1 (0 points)

    Same thing here,


    Very slow connection, and signal in and out all the time. Not with my other diveces, MBP, PC laptops, Android phones, etc.


    Come on Steve bring a genious solution to it.

  • MClassImages Level 1 (0 points)

    I'm using a brand new Airport Extreme with Comcast internet, my iMac and MacBook Pro connect perfectly and are both extremely fast and show full bars all the time. All my iOS devices, iPhone 4 and iPad 2, have very weak signal, I have tried almost everything including using Open DNS on both iPhone 4 and iPad 2, still getting a weak signal. iMac and MacBook are in the same room as the iPad and iPhone as well. Might get an Airport Express to see if that will solve the issue. Apple really needs to address this as it has been an issue since the first iPad.

  • geraldfrommilan Level 1 (0 points)

    Dear Steve,   I returned my Blackberry Playbook the other day and convinced my wife that the IPad2 was the way to go.  "It's a mature product with lots of apps", I said.   I returned the Playbook because AT&T hadn't created a Blackberry Bridge app and I was having problems launching Microsoft attachements from my email.


    Now I'm telling my wife, "Just think of the IPad2 as an entertainment device.  You can't expect it to help you  with productiviity.  I know, It won't pick up WiFi Hotspots that the Laptop will pick up.  You can't expect that of a simple entertainment device.  No, we can't tether it to our cell phone like we could do with the Playbook.  I know we could pick up WiFi connections with the Playbook that we can't pick up with the IPad2, but everyone loves the Apple deivce, so we must just expect too much.   Think of it as an IPod, with the occaisional benefit of internet access.", I said.


    It's all good though Steve.  I was working way too much when I had the Playbook.  It is much better to have a device that I can listen to my music on and play off-line games and occaisionally be able to access a WiFi hotspot.   I'm much more at peace now and will be happy if you someday decide to allow access to broadband connections that you do not now allow.  If not, I will at least be more relaxed.   I think success is overrated anyway  As long as you were able to be an American success story, I am ok with that.   At least I can tell my kids that you were able to make it.

  • William Kucharski Level 6 (14,965 points)

    I had an iPad 1 and now have an iPad 2 and haven't had any Wi-Fi issues.


    That doesn't mean I'm gloating but rather that in most cases it's a router or interference issue.


    I've used my iPad 2 at home, multiple Starbucks, the Apple Store, the Denver airport, and several hotels without issue.

  • kevin7D Level 1 (0 points)

    I am also experiencing this problem, before I readjust my network setrtings for this ONE device, I need to ask. Does Apple have a fix to this planned?

  • IStixr Level 1 (0 points)



    I had the same problem having iPad 2, 16Gt, software version 4.3.3. Tried everything described in this thread. Nothing helped. Very weak wifi signal if departed from router more than 5 meters and constant connection dropping in those areas.

    Unfortunatelly it seems like a harware problem. I took the device to 2 of my friends' hause. They both have iPads, same sw version. Their's worked, mine didn't.


    I took it to Apple service and I received a replacement in 2 days. This one works now well. I received great service but as I said, only the replacement worked. That's why my conclusion is: hardware problem.


    Sorry to all of you having the same problem. I feel the pain your going through.

  • gatortribe Level 2 (265 points)

    You are definitely not alone. I have the iPad original, and while my MacBook Pro gets 40MBs down/5MBs up along with my iPhone 4, my iPad gets 3MBs down/ 4 up. I have the latest Airport Extreme too, and it happened as soon as I upgraded to 4.3. It used to be really fast. Called AppleCare, they told me "There is no discussions about this on our support community" I was like "I hope your kidding me" because I read hundreds of these stories. He told me I could send it in, but if it did connect, they would send it back. So I kept it and deal with the crappy 3G type connection (sometimes it's .98MBs down)

  • spin360 Level 1 (10 points)

    I have the same issue.

    I bought the new airport extreme and used it to extend the range of my 1TB TC.

    I configured the TC to only be on 802.11n 5Ghz.


    what I noticed is that when I'm in my living room,

    where my Airport extreme is. I get full bars on the wireless signal with my iPhone 4

    anytime I'm close to the TC, the bars drop to 1-2.

  • RedsoxCA Level 1 (0 points)

    I think you're right.  I too never have had a problem connecting at home (have airport extreme), Starbucks, airpots, etc.  But I'm visiting my brother and oddly my iPad rarely picks up his signal--and if it does it's one small bar.  However--my macbook and iPhone 4 get full strength--sitting right next to my iPad.  So of course now this whole issue is a problem for me--until I go back home.

  • RedsoxCA Level 1 (0 points)

    To me this is just like the reception problem with the iPhone4.  When you look at the view count this particular weak Wi-Fi  issue is huge--over 307,000 views compared to the others for the iPad.  I just got my iPad a little over a week ago so I'm not sure if I should just bring it back.  At home it works great with the wifi (I have the Airport Extreme) and in most Starbucks, airports, etc., its been great too.  But now I'm out of town staying with my brother and I rarely can pick up his Wi-Fi (he has a new Linksys).   But my Macbook and my iPhone are full bars sitting right next to my iPad!  How frustrating!  So the signal is there--the iPad2 just can't pick it up for some reason.  I'm a bit upset because after the whole iPhone reception problem I'd have thought signal issues wouldn't be happening again. I've spent an hour on this forum and haven't found a software solution--so I'm assuming it requires a hardware solution.  Hopefully it'll be formally addressed soon.  I inserted a pic--notice the iPad at top with "Zermatt" signal at 2 bars while the Macbook has full strength below.  And it took me over 15 minutes of waiting to even get the signal onto the iPad! 


    iPad WiFi Prob.jpgI put a pic showing the "Zermatt" Wi-Fi with two bars on iPad compared to full bars on my Macbook.  AND I had to wait like 15 minutes to even get the "Zermatt" signal on my iPad to take the picture!

  • Guybrush-Threepwood Level 1 (95 points)

    Wifi is a funny beast. ANY object in the path of the signal will cause a drop. Each drywall the signal needs to pass through reduces it by 25%. Each brick wall cuts it down by a whole 50%. So you imagine the signal has to pass through 2 or 3 walls how weak it will be.


    Forget comparing bars on one device to another. How they calculate will be different and its different hardware. 1 bar on the ipad doesnt mean its weaker than 3 bars on your mac. Its an indication yes, but not an accurate comparison.


    Wifi uses the 2.4Ghz band for most. This is the same band as bluetooh, cordless phones, wireless keyboards, mice, wireless tv transmitters and pretty much anything wireless will use that band. So lots and LOTS of interference in your house or coming from other houses. Dont forget people can hide their wireless network so could be networks you cannot see.


    Also, the 5Ghz band is cleaner but often gives a weaker signal. Again, doesnt mean its bad, a weaker signal which is clean is better than a strong dirty one.


    Try changing the channel. See this article on how to select a channel which is cleaner You need to scan the wireless to see what channel others are using. For me I found every router around me was on channel 1 or 11. The default for a lot of routers. So channel 3 is the cleanest for me.

  • Mark23 Level 3 (975 points)

    The fastest and most stable thus preferable internet connection is a wired one. Apart from that wireless technology has possible carcinogenic effects according to WHO's IARC. These two reasons make it absolutely absurd that Apple keeps pursuing wireless.

  • geraldfrommilan Level 1 (0 points)

    How does that explain why other wifi devices workin in areas that the IPAD2 will not.  


    I understand your point about interference, but that would apply to any wifi device on the network in the same exact location.


    Wouldnt you agree that it is more likely that the IPAD has an antenna problem or lower power transeiver to reduce battery consumption and thus is unable to pick up wifi signals that other devices can?

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