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  • OtterWithPigs Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Obviously this thread is absolutely huge, at this point. Has anyone found a fix yet? I’ve got my 2011 MacBook Pro and iPad 2 side by side, at the moment. The MBP is getting three bars, occasionally even four; the iPad is lucky to get one, and even then only connects intermittently. (To be fair, I’m currently in the Family History Center® in my local church building, and I don’t have significant problems anywhere else. But still… four bars vs. one?!?)


    ETA: I just ran SpeedTest on both machines.

    MBP: 101 ms ping, 2.71 Mbps down, 0.72 Mbps up

    iPad: 156 ms ping, 0.38 Mbps down, 0.69 Mbps up


    Apple, if the other gazillion some-odd reports haven’t convinced you, allow me to add my 2¢: there’s something majorly wrong here.

  • William Kucharski Level 6 Level 6 (14,890 points)

    Signal strength bars are relative to the device, not between devices.


    Comparing displayed signal strength between say a Mac and a Dell, or an MBP and an iPad, is pointless.


    Given they have the same code base, it may be reasonable to compare an iPad and iPhone, but I couldn't say for sure.

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    Okay, I’ll buy that, but did you notice the stats I posted?

  • William Kucharski Level 6 Level 6 (14,890 points)

    Yes, I did.


    There have been several reports on third party device that iOS devices as well as the MacBook Air may sacrifice some Wi-Fi performance in favor of longer battery life for the device.


    I haven't had a chance to test performance with my iPad 2, but one other thing you may want to try is shutting off Bluetooth, if it is turned on, on both the MBP and the iPad 2, as the frequencies used by Bluetooth and 2.4 GHz Wi-FI can and do interfere with each other.

  • JimHdk Level 7 Level 7 (27,685 points)

    OtterWithPigs wrote:


    Okay, I’ll buy that, but did you notice the stats I posted?

    Well, here's another stat:


    my iPad: 87 ms ping, 20.76 Mbps down, 3.58 Mbps up


    Not much can be said about your stats (or anybody's stats) without an investigation of what router you are using (Make/model/version, firmware level, configuration, router options configured), Wifi protocol used IEEE 802.11 b, g, or n, other LAN traffic, possible WiFi interference, ISP connection type and speed, internet traffic, etc.


    If you aren't having WiFi problems in other locations you are probably OK.

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    Try using a WiFi extender.  It will take your existing Wifi (regardless of the type of router you have) and extend / boost your Wireless to give you much stronger signal and additional range..


    Here is a good one: f=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1310591872&sr=8-1

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  • artilleryag Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    the wifi on the ipad2 is really bad

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    I have an iPad (wife) and I use an iPad2. When I bought the first iPad2, it had TERRIBLE WiFi. Called Apple, did a bunch of stuff to the settings and did a restore. Nothing worked. Took it back and got a full refund same day. Bought one a month later and it worked like a peach. Wife's has always worked great from day one when the first one came out. I think some units are just bum units and nothing can fix them (after reading SO many threads about the WiFi issue). Surely some however, are on the user end and can be fixed with some fiddling.

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    I have been to get a new iPad from the store and find this issue is no better so apple if you are listening I'm going to get a refund and go and buy a product that works with so many people with issues why are apple not investigating the issue I am very disappointed as I love the iPad and the way it works generally but the wifi is key to it's operation so I can't live with it anymore I have had enough remember guys even if you have had it for a while there is still the sales of goods act which states that goo have to be fit for purpose and depending on how much you pay determines the expectation to work ie wifi not working thanks to every one who posted to help me with the problem



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    I'm new to apple and ipad and just got an ipad last night. Terrible wifi connectivity. The ipad cannot detect any signal at 6-meter-long distance from my router (with 1 wall in between) where both my notebook and android phone detect good singal and have fluent connection.


    Outdoor wifi are even more awesome, it take more than 2 minutes to load the login section (section only, not the page!) of my internet service provider, at least 35+ seconds to display google search results (text only), and I never manage to download any apps from I-store uninterruptedly so far. Needless to say, singal detection is very limited.


    Should I regard my new acquired ipad in line within normal product specification or simply a defective product that needs replacement?

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    I’d exchange it. As you can tell from this thread, the iPad’s WiFi isn’t as strong as many other devices, but the performance you’re reporting seems particularly bad. My iPad 2 gets full bars anywhere in my 325 m² house (and anywhere in the yard, for that matter). Granted, I have multiple access points, but the performance you describe still seems faulty at best.


    Good luck!

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    My iPad 1 is painfully slow. It's like being tranported back in time to 1993. I'm using a 2008ish Airport Express and both of our MacBook Pros get fine reception. The iPad drops to 2 bars when I walk 10 feet away from the router.

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    Same thing--WiFi ***** and miraculously the 3G works perfectly. At&T is getting me for my high speed wireless (wifi) that I can't use with my At&T 3G/WiFi iPad, unless I sit 3 feet from my $300 router. Also, for my 3G on my phone that I will pay extra to tether to the ipad, plus now I have to pay for a 3rd wireless use (3G) on my iPad or it is a brick & uses up it's monthly 3G usage in a week, charging me even more all to just use the internet for one person-- ends up being over $250/month & I don't even use the internet except for weekends at home!

    It's a scam! They wouldn't make any $ on the 3G if I could access the internet like I should be able to on my iPad. I used the internet all the time at home with my iPhone--now I'm paying another monthly fee & can't even use the service without constantly shelling out for more 3G usage on my iPad. I would take it back, but they only give trade refunds.


    The only people who still sing the praises of the ipad are the ones who aren't really Apple fans who know how good their products (including the iphone) used to be. They are impressed because they've never owned apple products & think the ipad is amazing--the real fans know Apple just put out a piece of junk for a quick buck! Its embarrassing!

  • heidiflorida Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Thank's for the suggestion, but if my macbook pro & my iphone work just fine throughout my house, at work & on any decent wifi, I shouldn't have to go thru all these extra pains to just use my 2nd generation iPad ( I've traded in 2 already and wasted numerous hours/ gas--driving to the apple store with the same results). Apple just put out their first true peice of junk.