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Michael Rath Level 1 Level 1
During the process of getting my iPhone to sync with MobileMe we (me and my apple support specialist) discovered that iSync isn't working. It took forever to launch and then couldn't drop any of the menu items. Also, in preferences/.Mac, the sync button and advanced button are grayed out. So my calendar and address book on my powerbook are not getting updated from MobileMe.

I followed the discussion on the post "iSync won't lunch (sic)" and somehow ended up deleting my iSync program. After extensive searching I can't find a copy of just the iSync program for 10.4.11. It appears to be only available in system updates.

Can anyone lead me to a site where I can download a fresh copy of only iSync 2.4 or up? I know iSync 3.0 only works with 10.5 - or so said one download site.

Powerbook G4 15", Mac OS X (10.4.11)