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Brian Strohman Level 1 (115 points)
I have noticed a couple of times today that my wifi connection will drop and a box pops up and says "Incorrect Password" enter password. Anyone else seen this?


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  • vandit23 Level 1 (0 points)
    Yeah...I am using a zoom X6 dsl modem and wireless router, and my wireless password is wrong??? I go in to the router set-up, and it is my usual password that my other comps are using!!!

    However, when I try a wrong password, it connects, but there is no wifi because the settings are off on the iPad...What is going on? My other comps are connecting fine, but the iPad is not cooperating!!! Luckily there is a neighbor without security on their wifi...heheheh!
  • PWR Level 1 (0 points)
    I have a 64GB iPad that is able to connect fine to my password protected Time Machine, however, it can not connect to a friends wifi who has a MacBook and an iPhone. My iPad and my iPhone continue to indicate "incorrect password" when attempting to logon. I've also been unable to get onto the free wifi at the local McDonalds, although my iPhone does with no problem.
  • KYRx Level 1 (0 points)
    Same here. I must enter the Wifi password every day.
  • Advanced Auto Design Level 1 (0 points)
    I have a Sprint hotspot in my car along with the ipad mounted to my dash. I ALWAYS had the screen asking me to input my password becuase it was wrong. I finally figured out what the problem was.... Everytime my hotspot found a new cell tower it was defaulting to that screen. I turned my password protection off when I'm driving and it never does the problem anymore. It is kind of a paint to turn password protection on and off, but at least I don't have to retype my password all the time!
  • LIChick Level 1 (0 points)
    I'm having the same exact problem. I'll be surfing the Internet and out of the blue a box will pop up saying that I have the incorrect password. If I go into settings and connect to my network, it picks it right up and does not make me re-enter the password. This is a new problem this week compared to last week when my iPad would not automatically connect to the wifi after sleep, or I'd lose my wifi connection and it would tell me that it could not connect to a network. I have a Verizon Fios Actiontec router. I changed the settings to 11 channels and WPA2 security. I called Apple's support line last week and they had me restore the iPad. The tech. wrote in his notes that if the restore did not resolve my problem, I could return it. I think I will try doing this and getting a new iPad to see if that resolves any issues. Any thoughts anyone?
  • TCConway Level 1 (0 points)
    I'm having the same issue on my iPad. About once a day (sometimes more) I get the modal box that says "Incorrect Wi-Fi password"...This pops up after a few seconds of surfing the web. I usually just hit cancel, wait about 10 seconds and I can surf the web again. Every once in a while though I have to go into settings and tap to select my WiFi router to get reconnected.

    Annoying to say the least. Anyone have a fix for this? I doubt this is an isolated hardware issue...and doing a system restore doesn't sound like the right solution either.
  • TCConway Level 1 (0 points)
    So, until the dev team can fix this bug, you'll have to do a system restore and set everything back up again. Restoring from backup won't fix it either. You have to restore from scratch, copy appsdata+mediaetc back over and config all your mailsettings+bookmarksetc all over again.

    It looks like the WIFI password is stored in more than one location (or is cached somehow) and when you change your WIFI password, it doesn't change it everywhere. Restoring the iPad cleans it out so it will save your WiFi password correctly.

    Hope this helps.

    PS: Devs: Please fix this
  • Booyaa67 Level 1 (0 points)
    I have an iPhone, a Lenovo laptop, and a IPad. They all work on the wireless network at my home and the hotel I am currently staying it but the iPad won't connect to the Wi-Fi network at work. It says I am entering the incorrect password. I reset my IPhone wifi setting and attempted to get on the wifi network at work and got connected just fine. I tried countless times with my IPad and still no luck. There is definately a problem with the wifi on the ipad. I have been using wireless for about 7-8 years and never been so frustrated with getting a device connected. I'm considering taking this thing back because it is virtually useless without a wifi connection SINCE TETHERING TO MY LAPTOP IS NOT AN OPTION...HINT HINT.
  • urkrob Level 1 (0 points)
    Same problem on Australian iPad 16gb wifi - surfing Internet, suddenly get the modal box telling me password incorrect.

    Try a few times, give up, disable wifi for a few minutes. Enable again and without re-entering password, suddenly works again. How is that an incorrect password???

    More like a driver or hardware issue in the iPad.
  • JimHdk Level 7 (28,340 points)
    urkrob wrote:
    Same problem on Australian iPad 16gb wifi - surfing Internet, suddenly get the modal box telling me password incorrect.

    Try a few times, give up, disable wifi for a few minutes. Enable again and without re-entering password, suddenly works again. How is that an incorrect password???

    More like a driver or hardware issue in the iPad.

    This is not a necessarily a solution but, perhaps, will clarify what probably is happening when the iPad presents a box indicating that your password is incorrect.

    Your password is used to encrypt traffic between your iPad and your router when a connection is first made. When you are connected the situation is more complex since the actual text encryption key is being periodically changed. As you have discovered, the iPad has not forgotten the key but, for some reason, it is having problems reestablishing a connection with the router. After some number of tries it gives up and assumes that the key it has is no longer valid and asks you for a new one. If you re-enter the password it will try again. This time the connection may be established or it may not.

    The underlying cause could be a a problem in your iPad, a problem in your router, a problem in both the iPad and router (spread the blame ), or there could be some interference on the communication channel frequency that is being used. Try your iPad on a public network, e.g., Borders, Apple store, etc. If you don't have problems there then look at your router. Does it have the latest manufacturer firmware? (visit the manufacturer's web site support page). You could also try resetting the router. In addition to checking your router check to see if there are other WiFis in your immediate area and switch to a different channel to avoid interference.

    By the way, this sort of problem seems to be more common if WEP security is being used. If you are using WEP you could try moving to WPA security. WEP is not really secure (a hacker can crack it in seconds).
  • Lisa1967 Level 1 (0 points)
    I had this problem all afternoon. Dropped wifi, incorrect password, wouldnt "wake up" and whatever else. It just wouldnt connect. As ridiculous as it sounds, I turned up the brightness of the screen. Havent had a problem since. Whether it's going to work long term or its a total fluke, I have no idea...but at the moment, it's working fine.
  • Geemoney713 Level 1 (0 points)
    So vie had the same problem ever since I first brought my iPad home. I have verizon fios and use the router they give you which is built into the modem.

    Not that this is any kind of fix, but I switched my router to WPA2 pre shared key like apple suggested to. Now when I get this password message I don't immediately type in a new password, I just hit cancel, then go to the wifi settings and just select my router again from the list of available routers and then I'm connected again. You don't need to type your password in every time you get this error.

    This is my first apple family computer type product and I'm shocked to find there is such a major issue with it like this problem. I'd always heard from everyone that used macs that apple didn't have nearly the bugs that a pc would have. Hopefully that software fix/update is released very soon!
  • iPadMad Level 1 (0 points)
    I get this many times a day, it is one of the most frustrating things ever. I love the iPad, but the connection issue needs attention ASAP. This should be a priority 1 bug for Apple.
  • Jscherbel Level 1 (0 points)
    Wow. I'm traveling and have my iPad using a Sprint Overdrive and this occurs every few minutes. It never happened at home in two months on my netgear router.

    Funny thing is that my iPhone is right here next to it without any issues on the same Sprint Overdrive.

    Interesting that this is the exact problem I'm having and it's at the top of the forum the second i login to look.

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