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I just bought the iPad today and my parents want to control me. Does anyone know of built-in Parental Controls, like the "Restrictions" built into my iPod Touch? I don't want to take the cellophane off until this problem is solved. Thanks.

iPad, iPhone OS 3.1.3
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    The iPod restrictions are also available on the iPad, as well as restrictions for various apps.

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    Could you tell me how to do this? AppleCare told me that there are no restrictions options. If you know how to put them on, would you please explain? Thanks a lot.
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    You can set restrictions for the use of some applications and for iPod content on iPad. For example, parents can restrict explicit music from being seen on playlists, or turn off YouTube access entirely.
    Turn on restrictions:
    Choose General > Restrictions, then tap Enable Restrictions.
    Enter a four-digit passcode.
    Reenter the passcode.
    Turn off restrictions: Choose General > Restrictions, then enter the passcode. Tap Disable Restrictions, then reenter the passcode.
    If you forget your passcode, you must restore the iPad software using iTunes. See “Updating and Restoring iPad Software” on page 139.
    Set application restrictions: Set the restrictions you want by tapping individual controls on or off. Initially, all controls are on (unrestricted). Tap an item to turn it off and restrict its use.
    Safari is disabled and its icon is removed from the Home screen. You cannot use Safari to browse the web or access web clips. Other third-party applications may allow web browsing even if Safari is disabled.
    YouTube is disabled and its icon is removed from the Home screen.
    The iTunes Store is disabled and its icon is removed from the Home screen. You cannot preview, purchase, or download content.
    The App Store is disabled and its icon is removed from the Home screen. You cannot install applications on iPad.
    Location data isn’t provided to applications.
    Restrict purchases within applications: Turn In-App Purchases off. When enabled, this feature allows you to purchase additional content or features within applications downloaded from the App Store.
    Set content restrictions: Tap Ratings For, then select a country in the list. You can set restrictions using that country’s ratings system for the following categories of content:
     Music & Podcasts  Movies  TV Shows  Apps
    In the United States, for example, to allow only movies rated PG or below, tap Movies, then select PG from the list.
    Note: Not all countries have a rating system.
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    If your parents are looking to completely block the use of Safari, then first you go into Setting->General->Enable Restrictions (which if they havent already setup a password to enable/disable restrictions, it will force you to create one now) and you can completely turn off various apps (safari included) as well as control some MPAA ratings for music and video....

    However, if their intent is to block sites based on content TYPE (similar to content security) then the only app that I know of for accomplishing this is Safe Eyes.... I understand that safe eyes has an online database of known website "types" which you create a profile for each device.... then it blocks or allows certain websites to be navigated to.
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    Hope I'm not hijacking this, but what I'd like to do is assign some of the movies on my iPad an R rating so that a password is required to access them. I've got movies in my library that were not purchased at iTunes and are missing the MPAA rating. Is this possible?

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    Yes, use a tool like MetaX to add the rating tag to the movie file
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    I've developed a browser that is being successfully used by hundreds of families in the US and abroad that gives the parents complete 100% control over what sites a child can visit on an iPod Touch, iPad, or iPhone. I developed it for my kids foremost, but am happy to say it has satisfied many other families as well.


    If you have specific questions not answered at the website, please use the Support form to ask them!

    Thanks and good luck.
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    maybe it can help you... me and my wife have been succesfully using an app called "Safe Web for kids" for controlling what our children can view in the iPad. It's a kind of substitute for Safari and so far it is working for us.


    Best Regards.

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    I struggled to find a way to filter sites from my 8 year old on our ipad. It turns out that there is actually a simple way to acomplish this. In settings have the default search engine for Safari set to Google. Then in Google go to search settings set the safe search filter to strict. Click this link for more info.  http://www.google.ca/familysafety/


    Obviously if other search engines are used then you'll have to make the necessary changes in the other search engines.